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The Operational Risk And Preventive Measures Of Credit Business Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In The SCXL Sub Branch Of Bank Of China

Posted on:2017-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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For over 30 years of reform and opening-up, China’s economy and society have the development by leaps and bounds, the banking industry also is growing stronger and gradually standardized management. Bank credit as the main way of domestic enterprises financing, for economic development and enterprise development provides the necessary financial support. The industry is still not enough perfect laws and regulations, to establish and improve the social credit system, credit business operation standardization degree is not enough, the increasing competition, make the bank credit business is facing a greater risk of operation, thus strengthen the credit business management is particularly important.In our country, the vast majority of enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, in promoting economic growth and tax, employment, etc have played a pivotal role, is to promote the development of national economy, and promote the important foundation of social harmony and stability. In China’s economic development into the new normal, against the background of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises for steady growth, structural adjustment, to speed up the transformation and upgrading of industry will play a key role. However, financing difficulties has been the common problems facing the small and medium-sized enterprises in China, has had the serious obstacles to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises of the inherent characteristics lead to bank lending to small and medium enterprises face greater operational risks, mainly displays in: often the lack of qualified in the loan application and product; Financial management is not standard are suspected cause its financial data authenticity; Corporate governance structure is imperfect,the management and decision-making often lack rational, optional the gender is strong;Their ability to compete in the industry and the ability to resist risk weak, short life of enterprises. To the operation of the small and medium-sized enterprise credit risk, therefore,an in-depth study, have important practical significance and theoretical significance.This article from the perspective of commercial Banks, on the basis of the theory of information asymmetry, SCXL by the bank of China branch of the small and medium-sized enterprise credit business visit, to understand its internal control and business processes,focusing on the small and medium-sized enterprise credit business operation risk assessment, and on how to strengthen the small and medium-sized enterprise credit risk management operation put forward its own thinking. There exist some problems in the study found that in the process of the bank risk prevention and control, includingoperational risk management organizational structure is not perfect, daily management of the risk prevention consciousness is weak, the deficiency in the system of operation risk control related, lack of customer credit rating system in conformity with the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, and so on. After discussed by the principle of management related causes and manifestation of operational risk, and in view of the internal control of loopholes and deficiencies, fully combining with the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprise credit business, puts forward the perfect small and medium-sized enterprise management, improve the quality of small and medium-sized enterprise overall, build the fact the flow of information between the circulation mechanism, build to adapt to the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises financing platform and specifically for small and medium-sized enterprise credit evaluation system, strengthen the bank operation risk internal control system construction,strengthening human resources management, improve employee business ability, enhance the professional ethics and other risk management ideas, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the subbranch of a bank credit business operation risk management system, improve the operation risk control ability, to adapt to the internal and external regulatory requirements. This paper is committed to improve the existing risk prevention and control measures, and local design new business approval process, in order to realize the whole process of risk control of credit business, promote the healthy and stable development of the branch of small and medium-sized enterprise credit business, on the premise of risk control to maximize revenue.
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