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Research On The Development Strategy Of Science And Technology Finance Business Of Guilin Bank Branch Of Science And Technology

Posted on:2017-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the new economic situation, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises have developed rapidly. Especially for science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise (S&T-SMEs), there is a trend of rapid development in recent years. S&T-SMEs with its unique innovation, is becoming the important subject of modern economic development and the promote power in the economic transformation. However, for s S&T-SMEs, whether in the process of research and development or in the process of industrialization, is always facing the plight of financing difficulties. This also greatly hindered the healthy and sustainable development of S&T-SMEs. In order to promote the development of S&T-SMEs, to speed up the integration of technology and finance, state and local governments have provided many policy supports. Bank of science and technology as a key component in the financial system, can provide more specialized financial services to S&T-SMEs according to different risk characteristics and financial needs in the different stages of the development, so as to effectively promote the growth and development of s S&T-SMEs. Therefore, how to strengthen the financial business in science and technology branch, to establish a science and technology branch which meets the needs of SMEs and has a real interlacement of the technology and financial, is the significance of this study.In this paper, we focus on the research of the development of financial services of science and technology branch of Guilin Bank. Firstly this paper defied the concept of SMEs, and the technology and financial and technical bank functions and enterprise financial growth cycle theory. It also gives detailed analysis on the Guilin area to carry out scientific and technological financial business policy environment, resources environment and technology enterprises financing situation. On this basis, this paper combined with the status of Guilin bank financial business development, as well as the domestic and foreign advanced experience, put forward relevant countermeasures of financial business for science and technology branch of Guilin Bank. The strategy mainly included eight aspects:how to increase the market development and customer mining capacity, how to improve financial services technology product system, how to pay attention to division of responsibilities and institutional settings, and pay attention to the maintenance of platform for foreign cooperation, strengthen the financial services technology risk monitoring, strengthen cooperation and sharing of scientific and technological financial services, improve the financial business of science and technology assessment guide and cost policy and how to strengthen the team construction of science and technology financial.The innovation of this paper lies in combining the financial function and branch of science and technology development. Base on the concrete practice of Guilin Bank, it explore how to adjust measures to local conditions, and build a suitable for Guilin technology finance development, to better support to the development of Guilin local SMEs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Science and Technology intensive small and medium sized enterprises(S&T-SMEs), Science and Technology Finance, Science and Technology Branch, Financing, strategy
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