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The Bab Forest Farm Three Main Pest Occurrence Regularity And Control Measures

Posted on:2017-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2283330488998577Subject:Agricultural Extension
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Forest insect threaten the normal growth and development of trees, and even lead to death. Therefore, it is extremely important that monitoring and controling forest insect. This study reports three common insect on Bobai forest farm. Here we made a detailed study on the occurrence regularity and prevention measures, the main results are stated briefly as follows:1. Phassus as a severe insect in Bobai forest farm, all the victims are found breakout and cause a certain economic losses; Phassus live in Eucalyptus robusta Smith forest, which near miscellaneous irrigation and large canopy density; the most occur and deadly are the young forest and other forest along the road after typhoon disaster; the larval instars of Phassus trunk the trees where 30cm from the base of the trees,most depression each moth entrance from the trunk and branches are connected; the peak of Phassus occur mainly in July-August, mainly trees less than 4 years of age.95% of Pinewood is Eucalyptus robusta Smith. Biocontrol most suitable for the actual situation Bobai Forestry and the achievements of the most significant control effect of 69%.2.Where Mikania micrantha occurred first in Hong Kong, Guangdong and then, as the man from Guangdong and Guangxi to typhoon spread in Bobai forest farm settled mostly open desert with rich organic matter in wet conditions, especially rich in organic garbage often invade distribution center Mikania micrantha, roadsides micrantha invasion more serious is the first areas where most settlers live in a suitable environment to refuse, especially from Guangdong, close to the place, then began spreading and spreading outward, Mikania micrantha in Bobai forest farm vigorous growth, March to May every year due to drought and slow growth, from 6 to 10 months after the rainy season, rapid growth, fruit is 11 to February period. Mikania micrantha flowering generally before February, but the survey found Mikania micrantha in March-April is still flowering. This may be the cause of global warming. In the vegetative phase of Mikania micrantha 1000 and 1500 times Lagerstroemia clear best control effect, completely kill the Mikania micrantha.3. Dendrolimus punctatus walker caterpillars growth, development, reproduction and abundance of host plants extent owe a very close relationship. Under its host plant-rich conditions, the amount of multiplied propagation; shortage host plant, likely to cause the death of a large number of pine caterpillars. Temperature can directly affect Dendrolimus punctatus development duration of the length of low winter temperatures, length of time required for development, high summer temperatures, breeding a generation shorten the time required. Therefore, the temperature SPP.AND growth and development, reproduction, mortality has a direct impact. Various types of mixed forest pests have to reduce the role of general in the big population density of pure pine, pine victimization weight. Bassiana powder spray Prevention of Winter, pine caterpillar prevention Lays Stress on prevention of Winter’s. The most effective way is to strengthen prevention and control of the key managing methods, build mixed forest, and protect the natural and biological control, the control effect over 95 prcent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bobai forest farm, Phassus sp, Mikania micrantha H.B.K, Dendrolimus punctatus walker, Occurrence regularity, Prevention measures
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