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The Study Of Expression Of Character’s Emotion In Print Advertisements

Posted on:2015-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2285330431459524Subject:Art of Design
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With the rapid economic growth, developments of the society and people’s rich life, our designs have been changed to meet the needs of developing society. As an essential part of the design field, print advertisement certainly has also been influenced. Either the audiences or the designers have new requirements of the print ads, which is no longer an art form in the lower material level, but an art form moving into a higher spiritual aspect. Thus, it is an inevitable trend that character’s emotion should appear in print ads. According to this trend, the designer put the character’s emotion in print ads, which also becomes a new driving force of the print advertisements’development.The study is based on theory and practices these two sides. Based on the theory of design, the value and importance of character’s emotion in print ads can be proved by horizontal comparing the print ads’shortage in its development. Based on analyzing the real cases of print ads, we could find the expression techniques and design rules, providing feasible theoretical reference for designers.There are three major topics in the study. First, as the print ad is developing, the appearance of character’s emotion is inevitable. Second, the value and significance of character’s emotion in print ads. Last, the specific expression techniques and design laws of character’s emotion in print ads.Through the study of expression of character’s emotion in print advertisements, three aims could be achieved. First of all, it can generate new driving force for the development of print ads. Second, it will meet the needs of the audiences and the print ads’development. Last, designers could gain theoretical references and case references from it.
Keywords/Search Tags:print advertisement, character’s emotion, value, design laws, color
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