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Expression Of Oil Painting Still Life Images

Posted on:2016-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Expression of oil painting language expression way, has a rich and colorful image expression,which plays an important role. "Image" had not only broke through the limitation of simplegenres and forms, to take the important role, the traditional Western painting language andculture combined China therefore, home China painting many is focused on how the Chinatraditional humanistic spirit of freehand brushwork and the western oil painting language combination, innovation, has formed China the literati art.At the beginning of twentieth Century Chinese some distinctive "Imagery" tendency of paintingpredecessors, like Lin Fengmian, Pang Xunqin, Wu Guanzhong, Zhao Wuji and so on to itsoutstanding artistic achievements prove, Chinese oil painting art development must be rooted in the fertile soil on China traditional culture to form independent artistic appearance, using the image language by more and more people discuss and attention.Expression of oil painting still life images, successful masterpiece It is often seen., however,there may be some to the image and imagery, which makes the screen appear simple empty,mere strokes, plane, writing the so-called image elements spliced problem. We should be based on the traditional classic, standing on the shoulders, the courage to explore the innovation breakthrough some inherent rigid philosophy, formed his own artistic outlook.Image into the language of still life paintings, not only is the exploration of form, more is a natural expression of personal painting features and emotion. From the comparison between China and the West still life painting, find the image concept and emotional expression incommon, in the process of analysis of artists, they learn the modeling language, the form of painting, combined with his experience in the process of creation and the experience, to explore the expression language of imagery oil painting still life in the way.
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