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On The Translation Of Culturally-loaded Words In Chinese-English Translation Of Political Texts

Posted on:2016-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This report is based on the translation of No.1Central Document for2014. Thisyear’s document focused on rural reform and made many decisions and requirementsto deepen the reform. In recent years, China’s reform and opening up is continuallydeepening and China’s diplomatic activities are increasing. Under these circumstances,China’s policies have raised great attention of other countries. And China’s reformorientation tends to make more important influences on the world’s peace anddevelopment. Considering this, the translation work of the government documents hasbecome increasingly important. However, the translation versions of governmentdocuments can rarely be seen in nowadays. According to this, how to well translatethese documents should be paid more attention to.Because China possesses a specific form of government and a complicatedlanguage system, the culturally-loaded words are usually seen in governmentdocuments. By studying such kind of documents, the writer of this thesis noticed thatthe correct translation of the culturally-loaded words plays an important role inunderstanding the translation versions. So the writer focused on the translation of theculturally-loaded words in this report. The report is based on several relevant theories,and employs four translation skills, one translation approach and several appropriatetranslation steps by listing and explaining the writer’s own translation. In the last part,the report reaches a conclusion: an appropriate translation version can be obtained byfully understanding the culturally-loaded words’ literal and inner meanings, choosingthe correct translation skills and following the appropriate steps.
Keywords/Search Tags:government documents, culturally-loaded words, translation skills
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