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"Timeless" Concept Of Art In Contemporary Printmaking

Posted on:2016-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Creative process of prints, the work itself, and ornamental value of it are all have characteristics of timeliness, whether it is wood-block printing with time imprinting, copperplate engraving after corrosion of time, serigraphs printing which rely on the exposure time, or contemporary printmaking installation with Time-conscious, they are all permeated with the spirit of timeless flavor. In the art of contemporary prints, " timeliness " as an important artistic concept that be used frequently by artists, it is not only as a concept which can be expressed for painting art, but also as creation of artistic conception expression print process, which can realized by viewers of the time passage.With study of "timeliness" artistic concept of contemporary printmaking summarize of "timeliness" art philosophy embodied in the works of contemporary printmaking, and intensive study of classic cases which express "timeliness" in contemporary printmaking.To learn artists how to develop unique artistic language of wood-block printing from multi-angle interpretation of philosophy, aesthetics and Communication.To realize the conversion process of painting concept analysis, drawing imagery refining schema and the generation of schema by artists.To learn how the traditional art techniques into the way of contemporary art, then could reference and used my own printmaking creation in future.This present paper divides into six sections.First section is an introduction, which introduce the research purpose and meaning of "timing" art concept art,and analyze overview of research status at home and abroad,followed by a brief overview of research ideas and methods of this article. Second section describes the origin of this article, in order to find a theoretical basis for exhibit of the "timing" concept in contemporary art prints. Under the diversification tendency of contemporary art, to analyze the background of "timing" of artistic ideas generated, to point that contemporary prints has essential element of timing,and do the further analysis advantages of using the timing art concept. The third section is analysis the concrete embodiment of "timeliness" art idea in contemporary printmaking works from both formal language and spiritual implication. The fourth section is cases analysis, some classic cases of contemporary graphic art works which shows "timing".Take examples of abstract experimental art on the "timing" by Tan Ping and the "time chords" series books by Chen Qi. The fifth section is the theme of this article, mainly discuss with my own creative practice, to emphasize inspiration of creative practice thinking by "timeliness". The last section is the conclusion of article, to summarize the full article and points out that the significance of contemporary art of using the concept of "timeliness".
Keywords/Search Tags:Timeliness, Artistic Ideas, Contemporary Printmaking, Creative Process Presentation
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