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Research Of The Graves In The Eastern Zhou Period In Yuantaizi

Posted on:2017-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The object of this paper is to study the Graves in the Eastern Zhou period in Yuantaizi, the main contents includes two aspects: one is the Graves of Ling He Culture,the other is the Graves of Yan Culture.The content of the paper is divided into four parts.Part one: PrefaceThis chapter mainly introduce the object of study、the purpose and the means of the same time, make a brief comments about the research achievements in the past.Part two: the Graves of Ling He CultureUsing the typology analysis method and comparative approach, classified the Graves staging, then analyze the different culture factors at different stage.Part three: the Graves of Yan Culture.Using the typology analysis method to study the typical potteries to divide the Graves into different periods. then analyze the culture factors.Part four: ComclusionSummary of the work of paper and viewpoint of the author.
Keywords/Search Tags:the culture of ling He, the culture of Shui Quan, the culture of Yan, staging, culture factors
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