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A Report On The E-C Translation Of Echoes Of Silence (Excerpts) Under The Guidance Of Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2017-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the deepening of the globalization, science and technology have made great achievements which benefit people all over the world. However, it generates a series of unprecedented problems which plague people, including vicious competition and culture conflicts.Echoes of Silence focus on the vulnerable and marginalized group in a special historical period; depict their struggle and sufferings in achieving sense of identity and achievement. The thesis is a translation report based on Echoes of Silence under the guidance of Functional Equivalence Theory. The thesis covers four chapters, including task description, process description, case analysis and conclusion. The third chapter is the most important part of the thesis, in which the author analyzes the problems in translation under the guidance of Functional Equivalence, including the translation of culture-loaded words, figures of speech and the title translation. Concerning the translation of culture--loaded words, the author takes the translation purpose, target readers and the context into account, analyzing the original implication, the constraints of target language, the author tries her best to conquer the culture barrier to achieve the maximum equivalence. Concerning the figures of speech, the author strives to figure out the ways to reserve the meaning and style to the largest extent, thus to help target reader have a better understanding and appreciation of the novel. Meanwhile,the author discusses the different context where the figures of speech can be omitted or changed into other expressions. Concerning the title translation, the author combines the implication of the tile and the plot of the novel, topic of the novel to select the best one to facilitate the understanding of the target readers, at the same time, the author reserves the oxymoron of the title, which will attract the reader’s attention and curiosity to finish the novel. The last part is the conclusion, which includes the rewards and shortcoming of the thesis-writing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Functional Equivalence, culture-loaded words, figures of speech, title translation
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