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China And Japan Relations After The Cold War:Historical Perspective

Posted on:2015-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431459081Subject:International politics
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Since twenty-first Century, the regional tensions of the East Asian becomes the focus of world attention. Convergence of the United States, Japan, China and Russia in four countries, the geopolitical of East Asian is verry complexity. The end of cold war and the rapid rise of China, made East Asian facing the new situation of reconstruction of order. But America and Japan doesn’t reconcile to their decline, sought to maintain hegemony to dominate the world and area, and containment policy on Chinese. Among them, the Japanese right-wing accelerated pace, tamper history and modify the peace constitution, arms expansion, directed at the Chinese. Tension Chinese relationship with Japan, but USA strengthen existing East Asian military, Russia also extended East Asian power, the arms race is highlighting and the regional situation is not optimistic. The relationship between Japan and Chinese whether continues to worsen, eventually outbreak of large-scale armed conflict or war become an important research problem.From a geopolitical perspective, the study of world history area pattern in the process of construction, the countries relations in East Asian after the cold war is highly similarity with the Europe before the first World War, the security dilemma relationship between Japan and China similarity with that between France and Germany’s. In power politics, the rise of the great powers, multipolar, nationalism, area alliance,"security dilemma" etc.. face the same situation. Of course, with the advent of new technology development and the constraints of international relations, there are also many different aspects too. The same and different comparative analysis, to explore the relationship between East Asia and China Japan provides a good reference. Therefore, the comparative analysis international relations between East Asia after the Cold War and Europe before the first World War, the relationship between France and Germany’s relationship with Chinese and Japanese comparative analysis, provides the reference suggestion for the study of the relationship between the Chinese and Japan’s direction, has the vital significance.Comparison and Analysis on several aspects, the similar rate between Europe before the first World War and the present situation of East Asia reached more than80%, perplexing situation and more severe. However, due to various factors and nuclear war and other new factors, increases the possibility of East Asia will not take the old way. Finally, the conclusion of relations trend between China and Japan is: China and Japan would be more nervous in relatively period of time, but cann’t outbreak of large-scale war; the Japanese Right deviation continues to deepen, China and Japan dispute continuously, most likely to trigger a skirmish.
Keywords/Search Tags:European diplomacy, Germany and France relations, the East Asian situation, Japan and China relations
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