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On Protecting Rights Of Criminal Suspects In Investigation Stage

Posted on:2015-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431464578Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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As the initial stage of the investigation stage of criminal proceedings, itssignificant role in the protection of human rights, particularly the human rights ofcriminal suspects in. Conclusions of the investigation conducted largely determinesbehind the program, or even have a significant impact on the fate of the suspects. Inthis sense, as one of the important contents of the investigation of criminalproceedings, its status and role in the criminal proceedings can not be ignored.However, although the Criminal Procedure modifications made great progress in theinvestigation stage to protect the rights of criminal suspects, but still a lot ofproblems. In this paper, the revised Criminal Procedure Law of the investigationstage of criminal suspects the right to protect the main line, to identify problems andmake sound recommendations. This article discusses four parts:This paper is divided into four parts for the investigation stage of criminalsuspects the right to security issues were discussed.The first part describes the suspect in the investigation stage in which people areentitled to the right, through the discussion of these rights to the body of the suspectand the protection of the rights of the problems in comparison to illustrate one of theproblems. And a discussion of the need to protect the investigation stage rightsuspects in.The second part of the study describes the investigation stage extraterritorialprotection of the rights of criminal suspects. Mainly as a measure of internationalhuman rights standards, and learn from the experience of other countries to protectthe rights of criminal suspects to illustrate our progress and shortcomings in thisregard. By the provisions of international human rights gathering in this area thereare other countries in this field have specific provisions to elaborate.The third part is the stage of the investigation to protect the rights of suspects in crime problem. This part of the focus of this article, to analyze all aspects ofprotection of the rights of suspects of crime and focuses on the problems involved inthe investigation stage. Issues such as mandatory measures involved technicalproblems involved in the investigation, as well as the right to change the Code ofCriminal Procedure lawyers modified to protect the rights of the suspect’s progressand shortcomings.The fourth part is to improve the protection of the rights of suspects criminalinvestigation stage of the program, the third chapter presented and analyzed by theinvestigation stage of the protection of the rights of criminal suspects a problem, topropose solutions to these problems and improve the rationalization proposals. Thisrecommendation sources and legal theory, the practice of other countries abroad inthese areas, combined with the actual situation of China put forward a proposal toaddress these issues.
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