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Research On The Problem Of Rural House Demolition Resettlement Compensation In Wujiang District

Posted on:2015-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L SangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330434460046Subject:Grassroots government administration
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In recent years, with the improving of the1national economic situation, urbanization process is speeding up, the development and construction projects are changing rapidly, a large number of rural housing demolition, resulting in social problems intensified, becoming an important factor in city construction and social stability, and the issue of compensation and resettlement is the core and key of rural housing demolition work. Therefore, how to make the job of rural house demolition compensation and resettlement well becomes an urgent problem.Wujiang district as a microcosm of city development in the of South of Jiangsu area, after years of development,the rural house demolition compensation and resettlement work accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with actual problems, but the disadvantages still exist. In this paper, we took the rural house demolition compensation and resettlement work for Wujiang district as an empirical study background, used a lot of research methods as literature study, empirical research and comparative analysis. We hope that through the study of the actual situation and the analysis of the reasons behind these problems, we can carry out practical and effective solution. The thesis consists of five parts, in the first part, discussed the background of the research, purpose and significance to the theory and practice; summarizes the domestic and foreign scholars on the research results about the laws and regulations, problems and reasons, interests in government and other aspects of the rural house demolition; some rural housing related concepts; the three theoretical basis of this study:the public choice theory, game theory and social security theory. The innovation of this paper lies in the comparative analysis of homestead placement and resettlement of apartment and the reasonable compensation standard in the part of countermeasure to perfect the rural house demolition compensation and resettlement mode in Wujiang district. The second part, analysis the rural house demolition compensation and resettlement in Wujiang District, introduced the current compensation and resettlement policies and procedures as well as philosophy, consult and inquiry, examination and other aspects of the successful practices. The third part, analyzes a series of problems of rural house demolition compensation and resettlement in Wujiang District, settlement lag, life without security, compensation standard is not unified, improper operation, stalling, and pointed out that laws and regulations are not perfect, the role and function of the government are not accurate, public participation mechanism is not clear, Interests coordination mechanism is not sound are the deep reasons the problem. The fourth part, the analysis from the successful experience home " Wangjing village in Beijing " and "Hunan Changsha Xian Jia" two cases with successful compensation and resettlement and Germany, Japan, Singapore and other compensation system of more developed countries. The fifth part, based on the problems and causes, put forward the new strategies and ideas from four aspects to improve the rural house demolition compensation and resettlement work in Wujiang district. There are:make policies and regulations perfect, increase public participation efforts, improve the compensation and resettlement mode strengthen the government’s coordination and macro management functions,.
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