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Analyses The Role Of College Student Village Official Plans In The New Rural Construction-a Case Of Longquanyi District College Student Village Official,Cheng Du

Posted on:2014-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330434952154Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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Village office to the hiring of college graduates, the implementation "(community) a college student in one village" program "(hereinafter referred to as the" university student village official plan "), is the party central committee to strengthen the construction of new socialist rural areas, improving the structure of the grass-roots cadres, promote the rational flow of talent, reduce the pressure on the employment of university graduates of a long-term strategic significance to the important decisions, is the "industry nurturing agriculture, urban back-feeding countryside" strategy. From the overall situation, university student village official plans are smooth and orderly, but there is also facing a lot of policy, system and reality of the actual problem, to a large extent restricted the university student village officials play a better role in new rural construction.Based on the current situation of university student village official research on related concepts and the development of college student village official, through the case study, the article takes longquanyi district college student village official plan from the aspects of promoting the new rural construction this paper discusses the problems existing in the university student village official plans and the insufficiency, at the same time from the expansion and development of the rural collective economy, the change of rural traditional ideas, improve quality, improve public services and other aspects proposed the university student village officer should have the positive role, and finally from the aspects of management, service performance evaluation, incentive to give full play to the role of college student village official in the new rural construction of the related management Suggestions are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:village official, College student village official plans, The new rural construction
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