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The Research Of Chinese Legal System In Gree-credit Policy

Posted on:2014-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330452962932Subject:Economic Law
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After years of reform and opening up, the successful development of China’seconomy has gained the worldwide attention, but at the same time the rapid growthhas also brought about the environmental pollution and other social problems, whichsounded a warning to people. Face of the deteriorating environmental conditions andresource crisis, the level of national policy has also come to realize that it is extremelyurgent to transform economic development mode and adjust the industrial structure,thus promoting the issue of various environmental industrial policy and legal systems.In2007, State Environmental Protection Administration, China Banking RegulatoryCommission, People’s Bank made three agencies jointly developed a new creditpolicy-green credit policy that requires all commercial banks, which do not meet thenational environmental protection industry-standard of corporate finance project, willreceive credit control, in order to limit its development. Although the2012introduction of the relevant CBRC "green credit guidelines," the green credit in ourcountry at present still belongs to the general industry policy and does not have theuniversal validity, and the provisions of the content is relatively principled, lack ofinteroperability, severely restricting the green credit system to influenceenvironmental protection. We believe that the only way to solve the currentpredicament is to legalize the green credit policy This paper studies the institutionalbackground of green credit, discusses basic situation of green credit system indeveloped countries, analyzes the necessity and feasibility of the green credit legalsystem in our country, and finally puts forward the ways and specific measures toconstruct the legal system of green credit in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Green credit, The Equator Principles, The legislative mode
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