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Research On Inner-party Democracy Building Of The Communist Party Of China In New Period

Posted on:2016-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461451100Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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"Inner-party democracy is the life of the Party." Communist Party of China back nearly 94 years of glorious history, the building of democracy within the party is the party were always an important part of self-construction, but also the Chinese Communist Party to deal with the challenges of changing times, they created their own brilliant development by the inevitable choice and the only way.New Era, the Communist Party of China on the basis of adhering to the national revolution and socialist construction period left the building of democracy experiences, lessons and methods, continue to further promote the building of democracy within the party, for the development of inner-party democracy building gives a distinct era Features. Meanwhile, the ruling Communist Party of China based on the position to build the gradual deepening of inner-party democracy, and promote the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics continue to move forward. However, we must clearly see that the party has made great achievements in building democracy at the same time, there are many problems, and restricted the further development of democracy on some links. Therefore, the promotion of democratic construction in the new Chinese Communist Party to a deeper level and broader scope is not only to strengthen the inevitable requirement of building the party itself, but also political reform and to achieve the great rejuvenation "China Dream" question of meaning.Now through the use of relevant literature and theory and practice law in the Chinese Communist Party for the democracy-building process context, analysis of the reform and opening party democratic construction of accumulated experience and lessons, as well as strengthening democracy within the party after the reform and opening up construction necessity. Meanwhile, the Communist Party of China in the New Democratic Party to explore the process of building a more systematic review of carding and, from a practical point of view summarized the tremendous achievements the Chinese Communist Party has made the new era of democracy-building and focus on development from the perspective of the party new achievements in the construction of democracy in eighteen been made, new progress in-depth analysis and interpretation. And that "official position" ideology is everything, inner-party democracy system and the cadre system is not perfect, inner-party supervision is not in place is an important factor blocking the development of inner-party democracy. On this basis, we propose a basic principle of democracy within the Party, and further improve the relevant system of inner-party democracy, and the correct understanding and handling the relationship between a number of major issues targeted countermeasures and suggestions for further strengthening of the Party in a New democratic Construction make modest.
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