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The Study Of The Democratic Construction Research In The Period Of The Democratic Revolution

Posted on:2012-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338968254Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Democratic revolution, the Chinese Communist Party initially established democratic theory, the experience of inner-party democracy by the accumulation of inner-party democracy has made great development. This article discusses the Democratic Revolution Party democratic construction, painstaking study from the Chinese Communist Party began the building of democracy, focuses on how the Chinese Communist Party under the premise of Marxism-Leninism, to overcome the negative factors that affect democracy within the party; how modern China the basic national conditions, explore inner-party democracy is consistent with China development. Of course, the period of democratic revolution, the building of democracy within the party, we should also be a profound summary of the Democratic Party in the construction of the historical experience and lessons learned under the new situation of party building, especially the building of democracy within the party, played an important reference significance.This article from the introduction, body chapters, and concluding remarks, which mainly are as follows:Introduction describes the motivation research topic, review the existing research results of this thesis, as well as the topic of research methods and innovations, analysis of democracy, the connotation of inner-party democracy,Chapter democratic revolution theory of democracy within the CPC's ideological sources. This chapter deals with Marx, Engels, Lenin's party DemocracyChapter II of the Chinese communists during the Democratic Revolution Party Democracy. People-the main line of this chapter, focuses on the period of democratic revolution within the party representative figure of the discussion and exploration of inner-party democracy, with emphasis on the practice of democracy within the party of Mao Zedong and China.Chapter democratic revolution of democracy within the CPC to explore. A time the main line of this chapter discusses the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party before the founding of New China to the party's number of important meetings and documents the development of democracy within the party made specific provisions for the development of democracy within the party have a significant impact.Chapter IV of the Democratic Revolution Party Causes of democracy. From the outside, subjective and objective analysis of the development of democracy within the party, Democratic Revolution caused many times from frustrated inner-party democracy reasons.Chapter V of the Democratic Revolution Party democracy lessons. Democratic Revolution Party from the tortuous course of the development of democracy-building to conclude the importance of democracy within the party to play a party building on the current reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:inner-party democracy Mao Ze Dong, Democratic Party building
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