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Research Of Government Information Sharing Among Informavores Based On Information Ecosystem

Posted on:2013-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374466574Subject:Information Science
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The efficiency of information processing, analysis, and application has improved a lot benefit from the changing technology. And we, the human beings, are no longer suffering the limitation of time and space in information communication. But at the same time, the changing technology also took us some special problems that trouble us a lot, such as information pollution, information monopoly, and so on.Information ecology is the subject focus on the interaction and connection among information, informavores, and information environment. This thesis just takes the information ecology as the guiding concept. And it focuses on the research of the government information sharing among the government, the media and the public. And it analyzed and judged the current status of government information sharing among different infomavores with the research tools of information ecology. Through the analysis of the width, suitability and overlap of information niche, we can find out the serious problems of government information sharing among different infomavores, and figure out the how to solve and optimize it. And that is the government didn’t share the information with media and public very well.The government information sharing among different informavores was effected by information requirement and the relationship between their actions and benefits. Combine the features of government information, this thesis optimized the information requirement model and construct the public information requirement model. And this model can help the government handle the information requirement. This thesis still analyzed the relationship between actions and benefits in order to find out the factors that have strong impact in government information sharing. And because how to organize and transfer information inside the government is the key part of government information sharing with the media and public. So the thesis had a research of the government information among different government departments and officers. On the other side, government always mixed the information requirement of the media and the public. So the thesis had a research of the agent relationship between the media and the public. And figured out that government need to communicate with the public directly and pay highly attention to the suggestions and attitude that the public shows through the new media platform.And the thesis summarized the result of the research and offered the optimized proposal in the end.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Ecology, Information Niche, GovernmcntInformation Disclosure, Government Information Sharing
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