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Case Study On The Medical Compensation For The Compulsory Insurance

Posted on:2016-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q P LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330461462450Subject:Civil and commercial law
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In recent years, China’s automobile is developing quickly. There are more and m ore cars in big cities. Shenzhen city maintained more than 16% high rate of growth, which causes traffic burden. The increasing of car’s number and massive traffic jams c ause the many traffic accidents. In this context, the traditional civil law is clearly notenough to settle the dispute well. Therefore, China implements compulsory insuranc e system for motor vehicle, which is the core system dealing with the traffic accident disputes. However, There exist many problems in the above system. The concern of t his paper is the common and widespread problems of payment of medical expenses. P eople who experienced traffic accident can know the hegemony in the medical expens es payment from the insurer. Both the insurance clause and the insurance company’s actual implementation work tend to exempt their owe responsibility in the payment ofmedical fee. They do not pay the drugs of non-social security and examination fee. T here are shortcomings in China’s compulsory insurance system for motor vehicle. Insura nce clause formulated by CIRC(China Insurance Regulatory Commission) is used to set tle above disputes. The insurance clause trend to protect insurance company’s interest.The article is divided into four parts, the first part is to introduce the case, leads to the focus of controversy, whether should comply with the "agreement to deliver strong insurance clause", according to the social security scope of reimbursement to claim medical expenses and cross strong insurance medical expenses reimbursement claims in party rights cost is too high. The second part focuses on the legal basis for the insurance company status in the scope of compensation for medical expenses and insurance company compensation unreasonable medical expenses. The third part is mainly focused on two issues were analyzed, emphasizing the cost of protection problem. In the fourth part, the author gives legal advice over several strong insurance for medical expenses reimbursement. For example, to improve the relevant legislation, set up third party review mechanism and behavior deliberately delayed the insurance company to punish.
Keywords/Search Tags:Compulsory Insurance, medical costs, insurance, the third party review
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