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Research On Compulsory Insurance System Of Medical Liability

Posted on:2017-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330503480837Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Medical activities and the patient's life and health are closely related, with a high degree of risk, in the face of the pressure of the high degree of risk, various medical institutions and their staff urgent need a kind of operation mechanism for risk to pass on their own risk, as the demand is becoming more and more obvious, responsible for medical liability insurance emerges with the tide of the times.In recent years, medical disputes in China more and more. The expectation of medical liability insurance from the public is also getting higher and higher, but in actual operation, the implementation of the medical liability insurance did not reach expected effect. In the final analysis, the voluntary implementation of medical liability insurance from the source to limit the enthusiasm of medical institutions. In order to improve the medical insurance initiative, expand the medical liability insurance market demand, our country in some cities pilot compulsory medical insurance trial results show that, compulsory insurance can not only in the medical accident risk shifting medical institutions in a timely manner, but also can well protect the patient's interests to resolve medical disputes and ensure the normal operation of the medical institutions. This will not only promote the development of medical and health services, medical liability insurance industry, the most important is to alleviate the medical dispute and protect the patient's interests and for the maintenance of a harmonious society, promote the long-term development of far-reaching significance.In this paper, firstly, the concept, character and content of on medical liability insurance and liability compulsory insurance to make a simple introduction; and then a detailed analysis of several foreign typical national medical liability insurance development present situation, by comparison, found the problems existing in the development of medical liability insurance in our country and Its Enlightenment to our country. Then it analyses the in our country the implementation of compulsory medical liability insurance is the necessity and feasibility. Finally, the author according to their own views respectively from the model, the entity and procedure proposed suggestions to improve the medical liability insurance system of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:medical insurance, compulsory insurance, Problems and suggestions for improvement
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