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The Characteristics, Causes And Countermeasures For Handling The Mass Events

Posted on:2015-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464951390Subject:Police Science
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At present, our country because of mass events caused by all kinds of social contradictions increasingly wide range of aspects, and is multiple, some even develop into play, smashing, robbing, burning and other serious violence, influence the social harmony and stability of our country become a prominent problem.The author from the perspective of grassroots police, public security work practice and law enforcement practice, with the nature and characteristics of the current mass events and influence as the breakthrough point, will actively prevent and properly handle mass events of concrete measures and countermeasures as a research focus, this paper discusses from six aspects.The first part is introduction. Mainly introduces the serious situation of the mass events in China, the harmful consequences, needs to solve the problem, and the value of research, in which the body.The second part is the summary of mass events. Mainly introduces the evolution process, the different definition of the concept of mass events in China, the influence of the nature and the pros and cons. With their own understanding on the mass events made a definition, with contradiction and development point of view analyzes the inevitability of mass events and to prevent lead to mass events the necessity of accidental factors.The third part is the basic condition of the mass events. Mainly introduces the characteristic of mass events, the cause of the formation, the main type, form, and participate in personnel level, etc. On the current mass events is compared with the basic situation of stereo, in-depth research, help more comprehensive understanding of mass events.The fourth part is the scene of mass events. Mainly including the guiding ideology and principle of mass events disposal, the disposal of the principle of mass events abroad, pattern and its significance, and dispose of problems existing in the work of mass events, the disposal of command, organization and disposal procedures of different mass events, etc., and expounds the mass events site disposal strategy, actively explore the disposal of scientific, procedural and standardized work.The fifth part is the mass events preventive measures. Mainly introduces the basic requirements of mass events prevention and preventive measures. Put forward early prevention, overall coordination, scientific intervention, comprehensive prevention requirements, and alleviate social contradictions, realizing social justice, and public opinion demands, to prevent conflicts intensified, play to the functions of the government, the innovation of social management, the party committees and governments rely on, be a good staff assistant, strengthen legal construction, into the orbit of the rule of law, play to the functions of public security mechanism, improve intelligence, improve the disposal plan, fast, effective treatment and preventive measures such as strengthening propaganda work, actively guide public opinion.The sixth part is conclusion. Summarizes the research presented in this paper, and to guide the grass-roots actual response to the value of mass events, and points out the shortcomings of the monk to further research problems.Party committees and governments at all levels and the relevant functional departments, especially the public security organs, the correct understanding of the concept and characteristics of mass events, essential characteristics, analyses the reason of its formation, the pros and cons, reference the advantages of foreign police disposal mode, try to overcome the insufficiencies of the prevention and treatment work, targeted to take scientific and practical prevention and treatment of countermeasures, to minimize the harm of events, minimize disposal costs, is conducive to the healthy development of economy and society, and is conducive to maintaining social harmony and stability.
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