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The Study On Mass Events Of The Suburban Landless Peasants In The Urbanization Process

Posted on:2015-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422977373Subject:Administrative Management
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With the rapid development of China’s socialist modernization, the constructionof industrialization and urbanization has also entered a rapid development period. Alarge number of rural collective land has expropriated into urban land, and the scaleof landless peasants is increasing. At present, the total landless peasants has exceeded40million in China. Since the land acquisition and resettlement, it has causeddamage of interest and loss of livelihoods to the outskirts of landless peasants in acertain extent. They lack of effective expression of interest demands, and thelong-term accumulation of various contradictions are intensified in a moment, what’smore, local grassroots government and emergency crisis management group eventprocessing capabilities are not in place, thus causing the mass events of the landacquisition and resettlement.The outbreaks of those suburban land acquisition and resettlement of landlesspeasants mass events, not only will affect the constructions of the localindustrialization and urbanization, but also will affect the harmony and stability ofChina’s socialist society. And ultimately, it will affect the comprehensiveconstruction of a well-off society.In this article, through the in-depth study of a case of suburban land acquisitionand resettlement of landless peasants mass events in A town N city of JiangxiProvince, it has learned the landless farmers’ livelihoods of the current situation andthe problems during the land acquisition and resettlement.It analysis the causes of A town’s mass incidents into four reasons through thecrisis theory. They are the imperfect system of rural land, the unsustainabledevelopment of the landless farmers ’livelihoods, the not smooth of the farmers’interests and aspirations channel and the management capacity of local grassrootsgovernment is not in place. In the end, it presents the effective preventions andcontrol paths for the mass events of the landless peasants which to strengthen the institutions of the rural lands, to attend the sustainability livelihoods of the landlesspeasants, to smooth the interest channels of the Landless peasants, and to improve themanagement capacity of the local grassroots government.
Keywords/Search Tags:land acquisition, mass events, cause analysis, prevention and control path
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