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Improvement Of The Rural Land Property Rights System

Posted on:2015-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rapid development in the background of industrialization, urbanization, a large number of the population and the labor force to leave village in towns, more more and farmer is not business land. The key of this paper is:in-depth analysis the manifestations and causes of land property rights in the process of peasants’ citizenization, think that the root of the problem of rural land property rights in our country is the land system and the reform of the management system is not in place, the core is the protection of farmers’ land property right in property right main body is not clear, the management is not perfect, power the land expropriation compensation system defects of low etc.. And further research on how to improve and perfect the rural land property system, and strive to provide a useful idea for rural land reform and agricultural modernization.In addition to the introduction and conclusion and prospect, is divided into five parts.The first part, examine the rural land property rights system in China from the two historical and international angle, first review the history of China’s reform and opening up the land property rights system since, then analyzes the land property rights system of international developed country change, enlightenment of successful and failed cases in our country, in order to grasp and further reform and improve the rural the direction of our country land system.The second part of the land property rights, clear the specific connotation. On the rural land ownership, land contract right, farmland management right, land use right, the rural collective construction land use rights, management rights of rural land mortgage right, compensation for land expropriation right and collective right to income distribution, respectively about.The third part, based on the problems of land property rights in rural China manifestation, cause analysis, which pointed out that the problem restricting the farmland property right system, Chinese characteristics of rural land circulation institution and land expropriation system, agricultural modernization, facing the system barrier; analysis of the current situation of rural land in Wuhan City Jiangxia district property loss.The fourth part, the paper puts forward how to improve the rural land property rights system, provide the ideas to deepen the land reform.The fifth part, put forward to improve the rural land property rights system of rural property rights advice, clear land, "separation of three rights" and liberalize the countryside land management rights, gives the new subject of agricultural management rights, the protection of farmers’ right of management circulation, land stock cooperation makes farmers "holding the City", improve the land property rights protection legislation, exploring effective forms of the land property rights, to perfect the land reform and puts forward relevant policy suggestions.
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