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The Analysis Of Internal Adjustments By Small Powers In Asymmetric Alliances

Posted on:2016-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467991076Subject:International politics
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In asymmetric alliances, the bigger powers usually take the dominant position due to the uneven strengths among the members. However, a great amount of international political facts shows that the adjustments of internal relations in alliances are closely tied with small powers. Three tactics are taken by small powers including closely following the dominant powers, remaining neutral and keeping away from the dominant powers. In this paper, I tried to find out the reasons of different adjustments of internal relations in asymmetric alliances.Combining with thesis and cases, I found out that there are three factors influencing alliance adjustments. That is systematic changes, the balance of security and alliance commitments. To be specific, the shifts and changes of global system as well as regional system would directly affect the circumstances alliance members are faced with. Moreover, the security and autonomy trade-offs in asymmetric alliances members lead small powers to pay more attention on the security risks. Besides, alliance commitments by dominant powers are more likely to play an important role when facing with security threats. Under the influences of these three factors, small powers would make different adjustments in alliances’ internal relations. In this paper, I chose the US-Philippines alliance and US-Thailand alliance as cases. In the context of rebalancing Asia, Philippines and Thailand made some adjustments in their bilateral alliances. I found out that Philippines were following closely after the US because of the high security risk. Wherever, Thailand was taking a neutral position in Asia-Pacific region.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asymmetric Alliance, Alliance Adjustments, US-Philippines Alliance, US-Thailand Alliance
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