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The Tang Dynasty Official Department Guan Examination And PanWen

Posted on:2016-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467999322Subject:Ancient Chinese literature
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Tang Dynasty, the imperial examination system development and contracting text maturing period, also flourished during the verdicts, which originated in the Tang Dynasty unique system of selecting officers exam content. And off test inseparable Verdicts, as the Tang Dynasty imperial examination important part, for the study of the Tang Dynasty "Exam Literature", detective novels after Tang and the social scene, has important significance."Excellent learning Shi" in the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty scholar leading off test as an important part of the career, but for the Tang verdicts and reproduce when cultural ethos, plays an important role. This thesis is divided into two parts, a total of five chapters. The first part focuses on the trial of the case of the Tang Guan Li Bu; the second part will focus on the Tang Verdicts for research. Specifically, the first chapter focuses on and off before the expedition related test cases, sources from the candidates, scale, time and Cooley perspectives of research. Candidates on the source, the main animate not only the township tribute, pupils generally give the child out of the school hall, and village tribute, more out of private school, so this was originally buried in the hidden identity of class differences; As Candidates scale, although there documented in the literature, but in practice, there was no constant; at exam time, the general should give the child into Beijing early in November, the "Winter Collection"; in Cooley, has a strict regulations, more emphasis on character and ability. The second chapter in Jinshi, for example, discusses the provincial test trial closely related and off, from the relevant pre-trial preparation province, the provincial pilot test of the night as well as the status of the Tang Dynasty Davydenko different periods studied, from which to explore Off the relevant circumstances try; Chapters Ⅲ and Ⅳ, it is discussed in detail in Tang Guan try to focus, is also the gist of the thesis-The third chapter focuses on the specific circumstances of the Tang Guan try, such as linen, Chunyan and other issues; the fourth chapter, it is a specific case study off test inseparable Quan try, and if they are, say, books, sentenced. The fifth chapter is closed test and exam content from the Throne, that verdicts from the style, body language and literature as well as the characteristics of sentence Wen impact later literary development, conduct a more thorough inquiry.The imperial examination system, began in the Sui, Tang Hing. Guan Tang Dynasty trial, as the process of the Tang Dynasty imperial examination system, there are significant research value; Tang Dynasty verdicts, as an important part of the Tang prose, is of great significance. However, it is a combination of both to conduct research to reveal reproduce historical appearance, further study of the Tang Dynasty literature, in this regard, there is a vacancy, therefore, has a very important research value and significance.
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