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Tang Dynasty In Guanzhong Irrigation And Water Conservancy, Water Management, And Legislative Research

Posted on:2011-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360305459396Subject:History of Ancient China
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Water is the source of lives.It plays an important role in the survival of the human and social development. In ancient China, water conservancy construction was directly related to the survival of dynasty. As the area of the capital of Tang Dynasty, the ruler's pay more attention to the relevant construction of water conservancy.Tang Dynasty not only established a set of top-down management system, but it was also protected by law in the form, what had far-reaching impact on later generations. The article is divided into five sections to study the customs of the Tang Dynasty construction of water conservancy, water management system, and legislative issues. The first part introduces the scholars'study, the scholars come from China and aboard on the construction of water conservancy, water management and legislation Research, and the significance of this study, research ideas. The second part introduces the construction of water conservancy in the Tang at five areas, Zheng Bai channel, Six weir, the water conservancy construction of Weinan regional, the water conservancy construction of Huayin, the water conservancy construction of Tongzhou. The text wants to explore the water in the maintenance and development of the Tang Dynasty, ang to clear see the customs in Water context.The third section describes the water management of the Tang Dynasty, in the case of "Gaoling Liu Jun spreading love monument," Liu Renshi's regulation on Jing River. The text wants to clear the remediation division case, the central aspects of water management and local water agencies and the specific division of responsibilities, take further action to find the main authority of management' change in the Tang Dynasty by literatures. The fourth part wants to find the Tang Dynasty Water regulations and the impact on later generations. As the Tang Dynasty's "Water-type", " Tang Code ", "Construction and Maintenance Order" and "sandbar Dun Huang line water Regulations" as examples,the text are going to find the glimpse of the whole Tang water regulations. Tang water regulations have far-reaching impact on future generations, through the "Tian Sheng Laws" and Li Haowen's "Changan'record and map" of the relevant water legislation to find regulations on water Tang inheritance.The fifth part introduces several water-related issues, useing the grinding mill Jing River example to find the conflict of the concrete implementation of water and water regulations on; finding the change of the water in different times of the Tang Dynasty,also the relationship between monuments and water and Guan Zhong Irrigation impact on the ecosystem.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Region Of Guan-zhong In Tang Dynasty, irrigation and water conservancy, Water Management, Water Legislation
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