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Sichuan Province X City Case Study To Ask The Responsibility To Promote Administrative Efficiency Supervision

Posted on:2016-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330473455152Subject:Public administration
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All the times. our government has always been committed to continue to deepen the reform of administrative management system, strengthen the administrative efficiency supervision, efforts to build a clean and honest government, the government agencies, to improve the efficiency of government service, it is the social public to the government provide more quality and efficient public service, and government at all levels actively adapt to the new situation, optimize the investment environment, improve the image of the government of the urgent requirement. National public officials on behalf of the people in the exercise of public power, administrative efficiency is not high, work style, these are a breeding ground for corruption, must through the strong administrative accountability, investigate and deal with a number of violation of performance requirements of the typical cases, the exposure of a number of typical problem, can play a role in warning education, so as to achieve "dare not, do not want to, do not want to" in violation of the provisions of style and performance goals.X city in Sichuan Province is the city of science and technology of China, experienced the earthquake relief and post disaster reconstruction of temper, is rich in local administrative efficiency supervision work experience, at the same time, X city, relying on scientific and technological advantages, in the administrative efficiency supervision prominent strengthen the administrative accountability, administrative efficiency has improved significantly, the stem Department style has been greatly changed. To X city to ask the responsibility promote the case of administrative efficiency supervision to conduct serious research, summarize the valuable experience for other local governments effectively carry out the administrative efficiency supervision as a reference. This paper introduces domestic and foreign research on the basic situation of administrative efficiency supervision, accountability to promote administrative efficiency supervision by the use of the basic theory, defining the relevant concept, comprehensively expounded the exploration and practice of China’s local government in the administrative efficiency supervision and analysis the X city to accountability to promote administrative efficiency supervision of typical. At the same time, the paper introduces the X city to ask the responsibility to promote the administrative efficiency supervision of specific cases, including the background, the implementation of the specific process, investigate and deal with some typical cases. More deeply from the main body of the construction of administrative efficiency and administrative efficiency supervision subject, supervision authority, the authority of legal rationality, especially from the administrative effectiveness of asked accountability system in accordance with the responsibility, the accountability value, affect the administrative efficiency and administrative efficiency to warn, administrative efficiency, accountability effect of a detailed analysis of the X city to accountability to promote the related elements of administrative efficiency supervision. Finally, to further improve and perfect the countermeasure.
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