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Mission Of The Relationship Between Public Opinion And Fair Sentencing

Posted on:2016-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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There wouldn’t be a fair, just and transparent legal system in China without the supervision of public opinion and public participation. With the advent of the era of the Internet and the media, many judicial cases are exposed to the public, attentions are not only focused on the case itself, public opinion are mainly focused on sentencing justice, because of the characteristics of judicial sentencing activities. Public opinion, as a representation of general opinion of the public on justice, is conflict with judicial criterion which pursuit ration and legal justice in way of thinking and value. At the same time, it is obvious that public opinion plays an important role in supervising judiciary, molding the judicial credibility, promoting the reform of the judicial system and so on. Therefore to find a suitable way for the social public opinion and justice sentencing to benignly interact with each other has legal and practical significance. Firstly, this paper, based on the concept of social public opinion, identifies several similar concepts such as social opinion and public opinion, and analyzes the significance and influence of public opinion. The second part is about the concept of sentencing in judicial activity, criterion of just sentencing and significance of just sentencing. The third part, the main part of this article, analyzes the mechanism of how social public opinion influences sentencing activities as well as the essential reason, so as to find the conditions of proper interaction between social public opinion and judicial sentencing activities. The fourth part proposes advice from the three aspects to the establishment of a balance interaction mechanism between social public opinion and just sentencing, so as to strive to achieve the integration development of the social public opinion and sentencing.
Keywords/Search Tags:public opinion, criterion of sentencing, judicial justice
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