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Action Plan Of Lishui Government In Shabu

Posted on:2016-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330479993714Subject:Urban and rural planning
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The current urban planning often appears unable to predict the trend of urban development accurately, sometimes the prediction is ahead of the development, or sometimes behind of it. And the reason belongs to the methods in our urban planning is Rational comprehensive planning. According to the western development of urban planning, the Rational comprehensive plan should be replaced by action plan. So it is an important way to research the theories of action plan to improve our urban planning.In this paper, the main research contents mainly includes two key points: one is to clarify the concept of action plan, and another one is to explain the practice in Shabu, Lishui.In the part of clarification, I first summarize the concepts of action plan, including the basis and development of the theory. And then,I pick up 4 concepts including the“ultimate blueprint”、the “ dynamic plan”、 implementation and the recent construction plan to compare with action plan,and try to find out their relationship to clarify some existing misunderstanding in china.In the part of practicing, I first Analyze the main contents of action plan in western countries which guide the planning work in Shabu,Lishui. Thus, I put forward the principles of making an action plan for local governments, including the principles of action target, defining the government responsibility, and carrying out the action framework. Firstly, the action target depends on the coordination of local government’s ability, the problem and the vision of the area. Secondly, The responsibility depends on the target 、 the planning structure and the land use. Thirdly, the Contents should include the government responsibility division figure, the action framework, which arranges all the actions having main actors、the construction funds and so on to guide the action and implementation.In summary,the case of Lishui,Shabu is an important try for action planning and it will have an big impact on the reform of the planning system in china.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rational comprehensive plan, Action Plan, Action Planning for local government
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