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Research On Function Transformation Of Local Government Grain Administrative Department In Nantong Grain Bureau As AnExample

Posted on:2017-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485963643Subject:Public Administration
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Grain, air and water are known as the three pillars of human existence. Grain is the basic material for human survival, and also is a special and irreplaceable commodity related to country’s long-term peace and stability. In 2015, China’s grain yield achieved "twelve even increase", but behind which, limited to arable land, water, and other resources put grain tight balance in jeopardy, future yield increase space is not large. Grain Administrative department is the main department of carry out macro-control, protects national grain security and strategic reserve, supervise and manage the behavior of the main business of the grain circulation market. Entered the post-WTO era, facing the complicated international and domestic situation of new period, how to guard the interests of farmers and consumers better, ensure food security and improve food macro-control better, cultivate grain service market efficiently, grain administration department is facing more and more arduous task, shoulder more and more important responsibility.During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, pushed by the environment of building service-oriented government, Nantong grain bureau took a series of action to carry out, perfect and transform function actively and achieved remarkable result, but also exposed many problems. Such as:failed to find effective breakthrough to functional transformation, lack of clear functional position, macro-control function cannot be fully played, chaos of grain market subjects, things in the post regulatory efforts are not enough, after event supervision is not enough and so on. There are many reasons, such as public lack awareness of grain importance, the government investment in grain management is insufficient, there is no perfect grain legal system, lack of effective communication between public sectors, while joint law enforcement in weak position. As to the internal environment, because of historical reason, personnel source of grain administrative department is relatively simple, Personnel seriously aging, the quality is relatively low and lack of professional talent, at the same time because of the grain industry is low profit, low treatment, unable to retain talents, lack of performance evaluation system, administrative concept according to low is not strong, not high requirements on their own work, cannot be timely from management to service concept etc.This thesis absorbs many experts and scholars home and abroad research results, based on combing the development of grain administration in different periods, expounds the basic concept and connotation of the grain administrative management. Also taking Nantong Grain Bureau change the function of the practice and problems for example, trying to "look at grain field out of grain field", using the perspective of public management, carries on deep analysis and induction from macro policy and specific management field, trying to find out the grain administrative absence and does not adapt to the development of modern economy. Through the grain requirements of economic development and grain administration status of comparative study, from the improvement of the grain subsidy, open market pricing, strengthen market access and other aspects to strengthen macro-control, from the establishment of the place in the long-term planning, establish warehousing investment in long-term mechanism, cultivate state-owned enterprises, establish the staff performance appraisal system and several proposed specific measures, make the grain administrative department use functions and rights granted by the state better, serve the overall situation of economic and social development better.
Keywords/Search Tags:the grain administrative department, function transformation, administration management, grain circulation market
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