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Research On The Dispute Settlement Mechanism Of Regional Economic Organization

Posted on:2017-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485974027Subject:Law, international law
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Development of economic globalization since the beginning of the initial formation of th e capitalist world market, has experienced two world wars pains after entering the rapid devel opment of the golden age of the 21 st century, the trend of regional economic integration have become popular, the surface both seem to be contradictory, a globalization is a regional, but fr om the point of view of promoting the world economy, both in a parallel position.In a rapidly developing global economy, regional economic integration have also been concerned with the expectations of States.However, the rapid development of communication there is a dispute, t he regional economic organizations inevitable lead to many problems, and these problems are the toughest redemption complex business disputes.How can better coordination and settleme nt of these disputes, as well as major issues of regional economic organizations in the course o f practice focused on going to consider how we can maximize avoid these disputes become.O nly according to its own characteristics and is set to meet the region’s dispute settlement mech anism to resolve these issues. As a mechanism to guarantee the smooth running of regional ec onomic organizations, it undertakes the important role of other systems can not match inside t he entire regional economic organizations.Currently, the dispute settlement mechanism of the global and regional organizations to study, summarize, draw conclusions, and to build its own characteristics in line with the dispute settlement mechanism has become a regional dispute s ettlement mechanism set up features.New Silk Road economic belt was put forth, they were al l over the world, especially along the country’s response and support, at present, the new Silk Road economic belt only in the initial idea stage, its dispute settlement mechanism has not yet been established, but should this question put concerns.Disputes between States, directly affe cts the relationship between the interests of the two countries, but also to the smooth functioni ng of the new Silk Road Economic Belt.Thus, in the new Silk Road economic belt constructio n, should strengthen research on the dispute settlement mechanism, while also helping to buil d a new Silk Road Economic Belt.From the regional economic organizations dispute settleme nt mechanism, it analyzes and discusses the current global dispute settlement mechanism mor e influential, and finally, the paper proposed the idea of building a new Silk Road economic b elt dispute settlement mechanism, which is the original intention of this article.
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