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Law Construction Of Environment And Resources In China From The Perspective Of Ecological Civilization

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488476840Subject:Marxism in China
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Ecological environment is one of the best human resources endowment, also is the core competitiveness of the runoff in the future. In recent years, in the face of increasingly serious environmental resources in our country, although we have invested a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, but not only unattractive and transformation, and the trend of worsening, where is the root cause? This paper argues that the root cause lies in the system is not perfect. Our country is in the middle of industrialization, taking the way of extensive economic development, economic structure also exists serious unreasonable phenomenon, in which high pollution, high energy consumption, resource-based enterprises accounted for a large proportion, which are likely to have been threatened by the damage to the environment and resources of our country.There is no denying that, many of these problems are caused by human reason, and constraint system of magic weapon is tube with the system, it is also the essence of management. Since we say that the deep reason of the problem of environment and resources is in the system,,so the breach must be in the system to solve the problem.Problems of environmental resources and the legal system in our country, are the result of long-term accumulation, and gradually become the "obstacle" of environmental protection and reasonable development to the resources. Therefore, only by reforming can be fundamentally solved, only with the laws and institutions can tied up the hands of "power" and "interest", making them less interference and destroy, more protection and construction to the environment. This paper argues that, we can establish the source fight,process supervision and punishment system, in the perspective of the ecological civilization, from the perspective of the construction of legal system, building up the solid legal barriers in order to ensure the shamrock, self-identify, water net.This article is divided into six parts. The first part, the introduction part, the paper introduces the ecological civilization view China’s environmental resources under the background and significance of the construction of legal system, the literature at home and abroad are reviewed, and the main research contents and research methods. The second part of defines the ecological civilization and the concept of environment and resources,generalizing the theory of ecological civilization origin and connotation, expounding the characteristics of the environment and resources. Then this paper analyzes the relationship between the legal system of ecological civilization and environment resources. On this basis, the deep analysis demonstrated the breakthrough lies in the system. The third part has analyzed our country the status quo of the construction of legal system of environmental resources. The fourth part analyzes the problems existing in the legal system of environmental resources in our country, such as lack of legislative ideas and perfectlegislative principles, specific problems such as imperfect legal system. The fifth part is based on the construction of ecological civilization of the legal system of environmental resources. Here mainly from the legislative thoughts and principle, ecological civilization unified management system, environmental impact assessment system of monitoring resources, the government responsibility system, ecological compensation system, public participation system such as the perfection of concrete system is analyzed and expounded.Sixth chapter is the conclusion to prospect the future.
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