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Research On Construction And Development Of The Government Portal Website In Vietnam Hagiang Province

Posted on:2017-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q L HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330488973186Subject:Administrative Management
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Information technology has been rapid development in the world Since the 1990s. In order to improve the ability of government services and efficiency of operations, e-government has become the destination of administrative innovation. The government portal website is an important component of e-government in our country. The website is release the government information to the public by using the net directly, and collect or solve the public opinion and the suggestion at the same time. The government portal website is a new window for the public service and it helps public to accept the business results. At the moment, to promote our country’s administrative reform and democratic political construction, the government website has become a new way of government management.Build a good government portal website is an very important part to promote the development of e-government, and also an important projects of "one-step" public service at government information disclosure, online business and public participation. Governments at all levels in our country have put high emphasis on government portal website’s construction. Through all levels of government leaders, civil servants keep effort for a long time, those website have been meeting more and more needs of mass. publicity of government affairs, the content in these websites is richer, more available timely and has closely direction; Administrating online, there are more and more items that needs deslt and the ways to get access to it is more and more convenient. The construction of portal website is for the purpose of public service, taking public as the service center. So, the key to safeguard the government portal website stable and healthy development is that make it sure that content in these website are all-inclusive, accurat, authoritative, and timely.This project, choosing Vietnam river jiang provincial government portal website as the research object. By studying the present situation about the public of the Vietnam river jiang provincial government portal website, I found that, the web has already achieved the construction, development orientation, and implemented policies and management experience about construction from the central and province. At the same time, by learnning various excellent experience of website construction from other home and abroad actively, Vietnam river jiang provincial government has already made a lot of achievements, the functionality of the site has been strengthen continuously, the service function of website has been improved. However, provincial portal has also some problems, such as information disclosure is not enough and lack of web form design, online service ability is limited, low efficiency of public participation. These problems restrict the provincial government portal website development and not good to the construction of service-oriented government. So, it is very important to reach and solve the Vietnam river jiang provincial government portal website construction and development. Through investigation, analysis and reading reference, I come to the conclusion about the problems of Vietnam river jiang provincial, that:understanding of leader to the portal is not enough, the management and working system of government portal site is not smooth, lack of unified standard, perfect system, funds, talents and so on. So, based on that,i put forward the concrete methods to solve the problem and push the Vietnam river jiang provincial portal website improve and healthy development.
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