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The Analysis Concerning The Portal Website Construction Of The Government In China

Posted on:2008-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215972383Subject:Administrative Management
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With the rapid development in information technology, especially in networktechnology since 1990, informatization has become a key shown common concern byall countries and its level has become an important symbol of national modernization.During the construction of national informatization, governmental informatization is thekey to the whole informatization. On the other hand, the construction of thegovernmental home websites is significant and difficult concerning governmentalinformatization. Governmental websites play a crucial role in E-government promotion,opening of administrative issues, 'all issues solved in one place' service for citizen andenterprise as well as raising public recognition and satisfaction.Developed countries, such as US, Canada and EU and so on, have all regardedE—government as an important channel both to integrate the home E-governmentalresources and offer public services aboard. The typical ones are US, British andSingapore' which embody the institutional innovations of administrative managementand service under the circumstance of network.In China, governments at all levels from State Council to the lower ones have alsoput high emphasis on its construction. Generally speaking, those websites have beenmeeting more and more needs of mass. Publicity of government affairs, the content inthese websites is richer, more available timely and has closely direction; Administratingonline, there are more and more items that needs dealt and the ways to get access to it ismore and more convenient; Interaction between governments and masses, theinteraction scales are more extensive, ways are more various and theme is more obvious.Now, governments at all levels are actively utilizing successful websites' experience toimprove themselves' and have been able to increase and adjust to website's columns andcontent for service according to the requirements of strengthening social management and public service. The ways to make public, they've been able to make common workpublic regularly and phasic work gradually and temporary work momentarily. And theyalso illustrate the result and processing while dealing with these affairs. Of the qualityof website's content, they make sure that content in these websites are all—inclusive,accurate, and timely. Of the effects of their publicity, they improve governmentalopenness and offer an effective way to citizen knowing of government's activities. Inaddition, they have made changes in their information public idea from sticking tokeeping secret and publicity as exception in the past to sticking to publicity as principleand non-publicity as exception.With the development of construction of government portals, their constructionidea has changed from government—center to clients—center. More and moregovernment portals have the capacity to layout the website's framework on the basis ofmasses' daily life and actual requirements form all walks of society. And they havemade re-arrangements and integrations of the website's service content according to theactual requirements so as to provide high wonderful service to clients. At the same time,quite part of government portals break the confine among government sections and thenestablish the 7×24 hours' online and through that 7×24 hours'e—government virtualcomprehensive affair—solving hall to provide clients with more available channels thatsolve affairs only in one site. According to the clients they serve for, the lists of contenton the websites can be divided into the following parts that facing citizens', enterprises',investors' and travelers'. On the basis of different phases in lifecycle, they divide thecontent into some subcategories that cover all services of the whole lifecycle of acitizen's birth to death and an enterprise's registration to bankruptcy. On the extent theycan offer, they increase services such as downloading table and inquiry of the state ofdeclaration materials on the basis of releasing guidelines of common affairs for citizens.This project, through comparison of successful websites' construction experience between China and abroad, makes analysis for the problems exist in E—governmentconstruction, that:Ⅰ. The construction program of government portal. It suggests that a portal shouldconsist of an official affair—public homepage and a channel offering characteristicservice to clients. For the homepage, it is required to give prominence to publicity ofofficial affair, enhance interaction between officials and citizen and reinforce thepredominated idea of communication. As for the clients' channel, it is suggested thatthey should make clients as their central service object and requirement as its directionand offering service as its aim; and give preeminence to the predominated idea that theobject has to be clear, service has to be predominated, content offered has to be accurateand has to be convenient practical when referring. On the information technology front,it should give technological support to government's transform of role formadministrating to serving.Ⅱ. in order to solve the key and crucial problems in the construction of governmentportals, it proposes that: 1. Listing the construction of governmental home sites on thesuperego's at all levels so as to solve the key and crucial problems in the construction ofgovernment portals, that is to clarify who needn't to do who has to do and how should itto do which in turn to solve the problems of technicians, funds safeguard and purchaseof materials and so on. 2. The major problem of government portals is to collectinformation. So, it is has to compile Publicity of Category on Official Affair accordingto law and put them on directly after official's sign so as to accelerate the publicity ofofficial affairs which solve the problem of separation between information flow andbusiness flow on government portals. 3. Establishing system of performance evaluationand appraisal of objection in order to promote each section actively participate in thatconstruction. 4. Putting this construction in the scope of assessment of each section'satmosphere and report it on or not on regularly basis. 5. Setting up columns such as evaluating this website and give expostulation to this website so as to listen to masses'suggestion extensively and accept social supervision and thus improve its level. 6. TheDevelopment Models of supporting the website by itself. In other words, whileestablishing government portals, at the same time opening commercial websites offeringsupport in human resources, money and technologies to lighten the websites'economical pressure.The project is useful for establish a dummy 7×24 hours online electronicallygovernment, fully embody the man-concentrated thought, regarding the clients as itscenter. A complete set of system is also offered in its content security and functionevaluation, which helps to solve the problems such as the slow—update, informationalscarcity, poor service and feeble life ere of the network's information.On the other hand, it provides an information-assisted appraise system and publicmanagement model for government at all levels, which helps realize administrativeinformation facing citizens and helps the change of governmental role frommanagement to service.
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