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Research On The Risk Assessment’s Mechanism Of Major Admimistrative Decision-making In China

Posted on:2017-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D KongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330503454035Subject:Administrative Management
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The major administrative decision-making in China has the characteristics of overall situation,people, high cost and non reversibility. The risk factors of the administrative system will make the decision to achieve the expected goal.A reasonable and effective risk assessment mechanism can strengthen the participation of people and experts, strengthen the democracy of decision-making,and use a transparent evaluation system to put power into the rule of law. On the other hand, we can improve the scientific nature of decision-making by using scientific risk assessment methods and processes. Therefore, to strengthen the research on the risk assessment mechanism of major administrative decision-making is not only the objective requirement of the government to formulate policies and policies, but also the proper meaning of building democratic, scientific and legal government.The full text is divided into five chapters, the system of China’s major administrative decision-making risk assessment mechanism is analyzed and expounded. The first chapter is the introduction, which describes the background and significance of this research, combing the relevant literature review, determine the research content and research methods, and lists the innovative points and difficult points of this research. The second chapter is an overview of the major administrative decision-making risk assessment. Combined with literature review and policy documents, the paper defines the basic concepts of major administrative decision-making,risk assessment, risk assessment mechanism, from the central and local two levels of major administrative decision-making risk assessment mechanism in China’s development, to explore the importance of risk assessment.The third chapter puts forward the construction of major administrative decision-making risk assessment system, including the legal procedure of major administrative decision-making, the risk assessment of major administrative decision-making, the content and index of major administrative decision-making risk assessment, and the riskassessment method of major administrative decision-making and risk assessment process. The fourth chapter discusses the operation and supervision of the major administrative decision-making risk assessment mechanism. In chapter five, according to the "Shanghai Hangzhou maglev major public traffic project" case in-depth analysis, find in practice problems,summarizes experiences and lessons, support and validate the view.
Keywords/Search Tags:major administrative decision-making, risk assessment, risk assessment ’s mechanism
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