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The Research Of The Modern Development Of Ideological And Political Education Method Of Humanities Concern

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503484645Subject:Ideological and political education
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All along, the Communist Party of China and the country attached great importance to ideological and political education, especially focus on the cultivation of positive mindset and the appropriate concept about the world, life and values. In the development of the times, our country’s ideological and political education is difficult to keep up with the pace of the times. What is worse,it has lagged behind the times for years. This article in view of the traditional ideological and political education thinking "politicized " too much emphasis on the collective, the ideological and political education value orientation as well as the method of ideological and political education lagging behind and lack of innovation of introducing the concept of "humanistic care" of the ideological and political education method, called attention in the new historical period of ideological and political education in the process of humanistic care, aiming at the problems with more emphasis on the modern development of ideological and political education humanistic care method.Method of ideological and political education humanities concern the modern development of the theory premise of the Marxism humanism theory, based on respect personality, meet the needs of the people and promote the all-round development of people; Inherit the superior tradition of the party’s ideological and political work at the same time, absorb the humanistic spirit in the Chinese traditional culture, including the humanistic spirit of the ancient thinkers and the ideology of“ harmonious” in the traditional culture and education system, and has carried on the exploration, on the basis of the inheritance and further development; Also draw lessons from humanistic spirit of the western humanistic thought and humanistic psychology.The modern development of Ideological and political education method of humanistic care in the process need to proposed to meet the needs of the developing world, that is the method of the communication dialogue, empathy, emotional experience and psychological counseling method. These approaches emphasize the educator and the educated from their own emotional perspective, equal dialogue and communication. Educators and the educated shall all stand before the other person’s perspective, understand each others’ position and establish a trust relationship.Humanistic care method emphasizes the importance and subjectivity of human. With the development of the times, the ideological and political education humanities method should innovate its philosophy of development. First, focus on cultivate ideological and political education main body humanistic care consciousness, strengthen its subjectivity, this includes not only deepen the role of educators subject consciousness and improve their comprehensive ability of mental care, including cultivate the educated to realize self consciousness of all-round development need. Ideological and political education activity’s ultimate purpose is to promote the development of the people, strengthen the education of subjectivity embodies the humanistic value of humanistic care method. Second, in the life education of "ground" highlights humanistic care. Through life education content and education method, stimulate the educated strong desire to take an active part in social activities, the life education to exert a subtle influence on the formation of a correct world outlook, the outlook on life and values. Finally, the innovation of ideological and political education carrier. In the diversification of the "eyeball" era, the development of ideological and political education should be able to grasp the characteristics, the use of mobile phones, television, network, such as carrier for ideological and political education, improve the actual effects of ideological and political education.
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