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On The Change Of Folk Sports During Xiaoqiao Village Transition In Jiangxi Province

Posted on:2013-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F H ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330377960211Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Based on the method of case study, the present study explores and analyzes theexisting and developing situation of Xiaoqiao Village folk sports during the processof village transition from the perspective of village folk sports study, and the casestudy has been carried out from historical evolution and developing prospect,organizing and managing, launching processes and contents, participating motiveand significance of village folk sports. The findings are as follows.1. During the process of society transition, the development of village folksports is not always changeless, and it is influenced greatyly by the change ofsurroundings, life styles, producing modes, and belief systems, which directly hasthe impact on developing scale, form and content of folk sports and etc..2. With traditional concept, people have some wrong opinions towards newthings, sometimes they tend to be superstitious although the activities expressoptimistic contents such as Xiaoqiao’s Buddha Pageant.3. From the experience of Xiaoqiao Village folk sports development, folk sportsshould be attached to traditional culture forms, otherwise it cannot exist and developsuccessfully without culture soil.4. To uprise to collective behavior from individual behavior, the best way todevelop folk sports is to exert folk identity, and aviod developing deviation orover-development, and abandon tool rationality and establish value rationality.5. Folk sports is difficult to exist and develop with interference of governmentwhose subjective choice greatly decides development of folk sports.6. The mode of Xiaoqiao Village folk sports developing is possibly to provide anew idea for solving its existence and development difficulty.
Keywords/Search Tags:village transition, folk sports, existence, development
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