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Social Transition Of The Cultivation And Development Of Folk Sports Organizations In Case Studies-dawn Footsteps Organization As An Example

Posted on:2016-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330470954574Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Social transition is a distinguishing feature of development anduse of new media, new media era makes all kinds of new thoughts,new technology, new ideas together, present a complicated newsight. As the "government purchase of public services to the publicpolicy implementation, breadth and depth of the government andthe non-governmental organizations also gradually changing, therelationship between the single control type of governmentmanagement to the government, society, the folk organizationcoordinated benign management change. These changes will be forthe development of folk sports organizations in the spring,"dawnfootsteps organization" is under the background of socialtransformation in new media widely used rise and development offolk sports organizations in the new representatives. This studyfocus on social transition using new media, and developed the"dawn footsteps organization" for ecological restoration, presentsits real existence background, development process, etc., aims toenrich the cultivation and development of folk sports organizationsin China the research content, in order to provide theory for thecultivation and development of folk sports organizations in the reference.First, this study applies qualitative research method, in order to"dawn footsteps organization" as investigation object, the author tothe participants and the researcher’s double identity further byhenan jiaozuo, develop good field investigation in Beijing, capital ofshanxi yuncheng, use collective interviews, personal interviews,engaging in a variety of channels such as view and questionnairesdistributed to understanding, and a detailed description andanalysis, restore a truthful picture."dawn footsteps organization"to make to the case of three aspects: production and thedevelopment (birth background, birth process, development), thepresent situation and analysis, organization and management,activities, the operation of funds, informatization, legitimacyidentity), cultivating conditions (precess entity type); Secondly,using the SWOT model analysis present the true picture ofqualitative research into the situational analysis, analysis of itsown advantages and disadvantages as well as the opportunities andchallenges. Analysis shows that the "dawn footsteps organization"at present, the lack of official legitimacy in the identity; Itsgovernance and the lagging behind of the lack of governancemechanism; Strong and fragile, Richard, authority; Breedingprocess simplification and the way the oneness of the four aspectsof organization. While facing the organization on various aspectsability insufficiency, the external environment and socialorganizations to foster can the challenges of the ground. Finally, inview of the weaknesses and challenges, this study for futuredevelopment of folk sports organizations in social transition path concrete Suggestions: in terms of identity should make full use ofmedia plays, clear the official legitimacy; On the governancemechanism to achieve multiple cooperative governance, and toensure that the democracy of governance; Card management,authority should actively build organization of public reason,forming organization members abide by consensus, strengthen thecohesion, avoid personal charm fade influence the development oforganization; To actively expand ideas, innovative cultivation mode,avoid old single cultivating mode; The most important thing is topromote social organization legislation, perfect the construction ofthe rule of law, to ensure the benign operation of folk sportsorganizations.
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