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An Investigation And A Strategic Research On The Present Situation Of High Level Sports Teams In Universities Of Gansu Province

Posted on:2015-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Q BaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330422483438Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Since colleges and universities began to recruit high-level athletes in China thirtyyears ago, high level sports teams in these schools have made some achievements insome national and international sports competitions. In the past thirty years, high levelsports teams in colleges and universities of Gansu province have grown into acomplete and mature system today. Despite the fact that these teams are improvingtheir professional level, they are not competitive enough in national sportscompetitions. Therefore, this paper makes a comprehensive review on the high levelsports teams in colleges and universities in Gansu province, finds out the factorsaffecting the development, and puts forward some constructive countermeasures,which are of significance to the practice and development of these teams in the future.The objects of this research are the high level sports teams in five universities ofGansu province. The research methods employed in this paper include literaturereview, questionnaire, expert interview, logical analysis, mathematical statistics andetc. The research investigates the status quo of the high level sports teams in fiveuniversities in Gansu province, finds out the factors affecting their development, andputs forward some constructive countermeasures. The results of the investigationshow:a. Only a few colleges and universities in Gansu province recruit high levelathletes and most of them have monotonous items as they give priority to track andfield events only;b. Though the coaches of these teams have reasonable age structure, educationalbackground, and professional titles, most of them are doing a part-job as coaches onlyfor a few years and their ability of scientific research and innovation needs improving;c. The professional level of these teams is not high. The sex ratio is notreasonable. The athletes do not have enough training time and good employment;d. The training funds of the teams are severely short and of monotonous source.The selection of coaches and incentives are not reasonable. Besides, the teams areshort of medical service and logistic support;e. The competition system of the teams is not good and the high level track and field athletes have just a few opportunities to take part in sports competitions.Based on the above investigation results, the paper puts forward the followingcountermeasures:a. Make a reasonable layout for the high level sports events;b. Improve the professional level of the coaches;c. Make a reasonable planning for athletes’ selection and training;d. Improve the logistic support for the teams;e. Improve the competition system.
Keywords/Search Tags:colleges and universities in Gansu province, high level sports team, analysis of the status quo, countermeasures for development
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