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Countermeasures Study Of Social Work Intervene In Community Public Service

Posted on:2016-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461492090Subject:Social work
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Community public service is the public welfare service that related to the vital interests of the community residents, and it is the effective measure to solve the livelihood problems of the perfection of the social security system. But in the implementation process, it appeared some problems, such as the basis of public service work is not in place, far from the needs of community residents, besides, it has not formed the intact stability of community public service system.As the government attaches great importance to the community public service in the fields of system construction and the specific service areas, more and more scholars have researches in management science, sociology, economics, etc. It related to the meaning and the present situation of community public service, the service area of the situation, the existing problems and how to improve the present situation. With advantage of the professional social work internship on Furong community, the author got to know the current situation of community public service by community public service system and matters of specific services. And combined with the interview datum of Furong community leadership, grassroots staffs and community residents, the author found out the problems of Furong community public service and the reasons of these problems. The analysis results showed that the basic community public services are not in place, community residents’ participation is not high, the formalization and administrative services to replace the demand-oriented services and the absence of the third social organization. The reasons of those problems are that the community management and service positioning are not clear, the service supply of the subject in a single, serious consciousness of slighting services and the third social organizations are weak and lack of discourse right.Social work as a supportive and helpful major which can help to improve the level of social welfare and promote social stability and harmony, and it has three methods of the case work, group work and community work, both the practical methods of macroscopic or microcosmic practice skills can provides a good solution to solve the problems of community public service. The theory of social support network as the theoretical basis that social work intervene in the community public service. Defining the related concepts, including community, community service, community public service.In part of countermeasure, with social work perspective, the author put forward countermeasures by aiming at the existing problems of community public service in Furong community. It mainly include two aspects, Furong Community Management Committee and Furong community residents. In Furong community management level, these three aspects of functions of the government, social organization participation and community personnel can gradually improve grass-roots government functions, smooth Furong community public service system, enhance the quality of public service in Furong community. In the level of community, the community resources, the capacity building of community residents to participate in community affairs, construction of community support network can gradually strengthen the participation ability of community residents in the community public service step by step, which also can help professional social workers to play a guiding role in the community public service. And in the joint efforts of the government, social organizations and community residents, they reach a common goal of building the harmonious community ultimately.
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