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An Empirical Analysis Of Social Work Intervention In Community Service

Posted on:2014-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the mid of1990’s, along with the deepening of reform and opening up, and the establishment of socialist market economic system, the social welfare, social service and social management which were controlled by the government, enterprises and institutions before, has gradually been forwarded to the community. The community construction and development is becoming increasingly important. With a series of policy of the CPC Central Committee, community construction and community service has been put on the era of the new height.Although China’s community service has developed gradually during the20years, it still faces quite a lot problems. Such as the in complement of the laws and regulations related to community service; the weakness of community service facilities due to the economic development level and the old social system; the imbalance of national scale community service development, there are big differences among different community close areas. Also, professional community service has not gained widespread popularity in social work area in mainland China, a large portion of the service given to the community resident is still passive service, while those services can not meet the diverse needs of the community residents. To solve the problem and to promote the community service level and quality, many cities carry out exploration and innovation of community service model. This article takes the C community Service Center of Shenzhen, China as an example to explain the problem in social community construction and service development of social work integration.Based on the in-depth observation in Shenzhen C community service center project, the article explains the integration of social work of community. Through the literature analysis of the existing domestic and foreign typical community service mode analysis and comparison and have the conclusion that the present community service center project in Shenzhen is an effective way of social work in community service. On the other hand, the author is in the practice of sociological theory, state-community relationship theory, and community development theory. Using the method of field research, in the operation process of Shenzhen C community service center as an example, describes the establishment background and process, service content and path, and the role and function of research social work plays in community service, and the community service problems and challenges are analyzed and thinking. On this basis, the author ponder on the localization of community work, and puts forward three strategies:clarify the origin of the problem--community service concept confirmed community service, mission and vision; action--active intervention, enhance the ability to solve practical problems; Strategy--agile diversity, not limited to a single fixed mode of development. Based on this, wish to further enhance the quality of community services, promote the welfare of the society made useful exploration.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social work, Community service model, Community service center
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