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A Study Of Learning Methods Based On Metacognition In Middle School

Posted on:2016-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330470454834Subject:Education Technology
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With the further development of the educational information,innovative teaching model has become an important driving power of the national education system reform. As a new teaching model,"Flipped Classroom" is one of the hot issues researchers focus on. However,many teachers say that the class can not be flipped at all in the practical teaching activities.Incorrect learning methods of concept-acquisition is one of the key reason,which causes an negative effect in the process of knowledge-learning and skill-acquiring as well as problem-solving in class. Concept-acquisition is not only a cognitive processes in which learners identify and understand learning materials,but also a metacognition process in which learners conducted self-regulation and self-monitoring. The concept-learning ability greatly depends on learner’s self-regulation.This study will rely on the subject of middle-school students’ concept-acquisition, and intends to discuss the learning methods which were used in the concept-acquisition learning in "Flipped Classroom" from the view of self-regulation ability of metacognition.Basing on the previous research, this paper elaborates the structure and the interaction model of the self-regulation when students doing concept-acquisition. According to the characteristics of concept-acquisition and the theories of the meta cognitive monitoring,the author proposes a concept-acquisition method which is based on metacognition. Through the teaching experiment designed,the author discusses the influences metacognition have on academic performance as well as the ability of problem-solving after students learning by the methods basing on metacognition. And through the SOLO classification theory,the author also discusses the influences that concept-learning performance of students in different academic-levels in experiment have on problem-solving. After analyzing the data,the author makes a conclusion as follow:It will raise students’ concept-learning capacity through the learning methods of metacognition and strengthening self-regulation so as to raise students’ability of knowledge controlling and applying. And then it will improve students’academic performance, learning efficiency as well as learning interests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Metacognition, Learning method, Concept acquisition, The FlippedClassroom
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