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Research On Current Situation And Development Countermeasures Of PE In Jiang Su Private Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2016-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330482465885Subject:Sports teaching
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Objective: Under the trend of "quality education" and teaching reform of higher vocational education, the Jiangsu Province private vocational education were research status, can be combined with their own work practice and sums up the existing problems and solving measures, so as to provide guidance to the practical teaching work.Methods: In this paper, the integrated use of literature, questionnaire survey, field interviews method, logical analysis and mathematical statistics method, starting from the learning attitude, purpose, teaching content, teaching method, extracurricular activities, teaching evaluation, teachers, teaching resources and management learning, present situation investigation and problem analysis of 6 private vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province 150 students and 30 teachers.Results:(1) in Jiangsu Province, the students of private higher vocational students have good attitude, most students are willing to actively participate in physical education activities, and there is a certain gap between different students’ physical education.(2) there are many problems, such as the teaching method of physical education in Jiangsu Province, the teaching method is single and the evaluation system is not perfect.(3) physical education teacher training opportunities are less, the promotion is more difficult, the salary treatment is poor, the professional quality needs to further improve.(4) the construction of all kinds of sports colleges and universities in Jiangsu province has made some achievements, but the construction funds and hardware facilities are still need to be strengthened.(5) the construction of physical education teaching management organization and sports management system in Higher Vocational Colleges in Jiangsu province is better. Most of the respondents expressed satisfaction with the development of sports teaching management in Colleges and universities. However, the implementation of the relevant system needs to be strengthened.Conclusion:(1) the present situation of physical education in Vocational Colleges in Jiangsu province is better than that of physical education. The students participate in physical education activities. Most students and teachers are satisfied with the teaching of physical education in the form of classroom teaching, curriculum, extracurricular activities and teaching content.(2) there are still some problems, such as inadequate enrichment of the existing teaching method, imperfect evaluation system, insufficient funds, and still need to be strengthened. In the future, Jiangsu province should further strengthen the construction of physical education teachers and professional courses, improve the facilities and management system of sports facilities, increase the extracurricular teaching and improve the teaching evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiangsu province, private higher vocational sports teaching, present situation, countermeasure research
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