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Under The Background Of The Beijing Municipal Sports Coneges And Universities Sports And Art Fusion Performance Professional Development Status Quo Of The Research

Posted on:2016-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330482469943Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In recent years, China’s science and technology in the rapid development of the social economy has made tremendous progress, people’s material living standards have been improved, along with the aesthetic function of sports highlights, sports and burst into endless charm and great aesthetic value. Since the birth of sports, and art have forged a bond. Sports is the source of life and of art drawn from fields. Similarly, sports also use art to enrich and develop their own, in the modernisation of sports today, increasingly close links between sport and art. In the context of sports and art, sports art majors emerged, acting, sports and art of fresh blood in the vibrant development of modern sports College. In Beijing sports University professional development as the object of study, designed for professional performances and healthy development of Chinese sport colleges offer theory reference. Studying sport and integration under the background of Beijing sports University performing arts professional development will contribute to the deepening of our country’s higher sports institutes performing research on professional development, promoting new development in professional performances in Chinese sport universities.In this document the literature on law, logical analysis, questionnaire surveys, Expert interviews, law, law of statistics, comparative studies, such as research methods, collecting and sorting two Beijing the sports schools sports events professional and relevant information. The teachers and students in the survey, as well as on the integration of the relevant leaders and relevant professional experts for interviews, and the collection of information and questionnaires for statistical compilation and analysis system, respectively, of the Beijing University of Physical Education and Sports capital the two schools of professional training programs, curriculum development, teacher, students, etc, the analysis and research. The results show:1、Two different sports colleges in performing professional training objectives:Beijing sports university explicitly pointed out that to develop sports art talents, capital institute of physical education’s goal is to develop students into application-oriented talents, the personnel training specification is not very clear.2、Two sports colleges show slightly different professional curriculum structure, curriculum content: Beijing sports university in professional curriculum structure than more mature capital institute of physical education, according to the actual capital institute of physical education and practice constantly adjust and perfect, obligatory division more reasonable and clear, elective part elaboration added class take directions; Course content in bsu elective classes without the suitcase, should add the arts courses for students to take, the suitcase in elective course to increase more practical courses.3、Two sports colleges in performing professional teachers title structure, age structure and academic structure is not reasonable, high proportion of young teachers is far more than the titles of teachers. Existing on-the-job training needs to be seriously, teacher team construction still need to improve.4、Two sports colleges in hardware facilities is relatively complete, to some extent can meet students training and normal use during the class. Improve the utilization rate of the existing facilities and can draw lessons from the practice of Beijing sports university capital institute of physical education.5、Two sports colleges show student sources and variable quality of students, some students have a more solid basic skills, there are some students professional training time is shorter, lack the necessary artistic accomplishment.6、Performance is professional produce body art integrated symbol, and body art fusion accelerated the development of professional sports performance. But belong to two different fields, sports and art fusion after the name of the professional orientation, the talent training scheme, course system and teaching contents are not yet mature and unified development stage, revise and improve, unity is the key of the sports performance professional to face problems.This hope through research to provide the professional development for scientific, effective and on the basis of improving sports performances professional talent cultivation, and optimize the design of the course, as well as teacher, hardware facilities, and for the future sports schools and colleges and universities throughout the country show (sports and arts) Professional Development for feasibility advice.
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