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Study Of Thinking Barriers In The Process Of Biological Problem Solving Among Junior Middle School Students

Posted on:2016-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the process of solving biological problems, thinking barriers exist extensively among junior middle school students. The way to solve the problem of thinking barrier among junior middle school students in the study of biology is not only a major educational issue concerned by educators, but also a problem that the frontline teachers of biology need to study and solve urgently. In view of this, the research questions of this thesis are raised:1) what are the factors that lead to the thinking barriers in biology? 2) To what extend can these factors influence the formation of students’thinking barrier? 3)What effective strategies can be adopted to eliminate students’thinking barriers in the process of solving biological problem?This thesis carried out a preliminary study on the thinking process of junior middle school students in biological problem-solving, with the research methods of literature review, survey, error analysis and oral report. Based on the theory of thinking pattern, this thesis summarized six categaries of influencing factors leading to the thinking barrier in the process of biological problem-solving as follows:1) Objective barriers; 2) thinking barriers caused by lacking of knowledge and experience; 3) thinking barrier caused by the low level of cognitive structure; 4) thinking barriers formed by the defection of thinking quality; 5) thinking barriers caused by weak metacognitive ability; 6) thinking barriers caused by moodiness. Through primitive study and analysis, it is demonstrated that thinking barriers exist among students in the process of biological problem solving in varying degrees, and great differences exist on this problem between excellent students and backward students, with backward students affected by thinking barrier to a larger degree. Meanwhile, according to the data analysis, backward students have obstacles in the problem-solving process due to the comprehensive mutual impact of different factors involved in thinking barriers.Finally, for those reasons, this thesis proposed that the solution to the problem of thinking barriers lie in teachers playing their leading role in the teaching process. Besides, this thesis recommended some teaching strategies to teachers:1) Pay attention to students’emotion; 2) create a relaxed democratic teaching environment; 3) focus on the study method instruction to help students develop good studying habits; 4) emphasis on the concept of teaching, building a good knowledge structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Problem-Solving, Thinking Pattern, Thinking Barriers
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