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Investigation And Research On The Thinking Habits Of Mathematics Problem-solving Among High School Students

Posted on:2021-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Students inevitably have to solve problems in the process of mathematics learning.A good problem-solving thinking habit can benefit students for life.Therefore,in the process of mathematics teaching,teachers should help students develop good problem-solving thinking habits and improve student solutions.Problem-solving skills and develop core literacy in mathematics.This article first uses the literature method to sort out related research,expound the theoretical basis of this article,and define the connotation of related core concepts.Then through the questionnaire survey method and interview method,to understand the current situation of mathematics problem-solving thinking habits of high school students,and draw the following conclusions:(1)In terms of understanding the meaning of the question,most students have the habit of getting familiar with the topic before making the question,but the thinking habits of students to understand the meaning of the question are not very good;(2)In terms of drawing up plans,students have strong willpower when they encounter difficulties in solving problems,but their thinking habits are not very good in solving problems and associations.Many students will not link old and new knowledge;(3)In terms of implementing the plan,students' thinking habits need to be strengthened,and many students cannot find errors in time when doing the questions,which leads to the failure of problem solving;(4)In terms of retrospection and reflection,students have poor thinking habits in reviewing the problem-solving process,and few students will seek more than one problem;students have a general thinking habit in reflecting the problem-solving process,and most students take the wrong question seriously.However,the attitude to the same type of problems needs to be strengthened,and the habit of simplifying the problem-solving steps is not very good.In addition,through comparative analysis,it is concluded that there is no obvious difference between the five classes in terms of familiarization with the topic and implementation plan,but there are significant differences in in-depth understanding of the topic,preparation of the plan,and review and reflection.The better themathematics problem-solving thinking habits,the higher the math scores.Finally,based on the results of questionnaire surveys and interviews,and combined with specific teaching situations,mathematics problem-solving thinking habits training strategies and suggestions are proposed: in terms of understanding the meaning of the question,students should strengthen the reading and retelling of the question,strengthen the understanding of the key words,strengthen the number Thinking habits that combine form with shape;in the preparation of plans,we should be good at applying Polya's “prompts” and help students refine their own “prompts”to improve students' metacognitive experience;in implementing plans,students must be trained the standardization of answering questions and the thinking habits of checking problem-solving steps;in terms of review and reflection,meta-cognitive monitoring strategies are used to help students review the problem-solving process,reflect on the problem-solving errors,and explore multiple solutions to one problem.
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