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Research On Students Survey And Training Capacity Of Mathematical Problem Solving

Posted on:2015-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the promotion of education reform, basic education and teaching purposes of the "people-oriented", to promote the development of students’ personality. Mathematics as a basis for scientific research, contains a wealth of mathematical ideas were able to use the knowledge to solve practical problems have become the essential qualities of citizenship. Problem-solving abilities through training only allows students to form the habit of thinking of mathematics, but also can enhance students’ interest in learning mathematics, while helping to train students in individual psychological characteristics, and promote the overall development of students. Explore and study how to develop students’ mathematical problem solving ability has important practical significance, is the goal of achieving an essential part of the mathematics curriculum, mathematics is an important indicator to measure the quality of teaching and student math levels.Firstly, the theoretical basis of the literature study and learn problem-solving were summarized, and then carried out a survey of high school students of mathematics learning situation, to understand the students’ attitude towards mathematics, mathematics learning motivation and self-learning ability of students outside the classroom conditions and learning mathematical process emotional attitude. To understand the status of secondary school students problem-solving ability, this paper carried out four surveys, observation of students appear to understand the situation in the problem-solving process, analyze factors that create an obstacle for high school students in mathematical problem solving common errors in the process of systematic analysis summarized. Finally, foster problem-solving ability for some strategies: First, master the basics of mathematics to build knowledge systems; Second, grasp the common mathematical thinking, strengthen problem-solving strategies, such as Shuxingjiege ideas, discuss ideas classification, functions and equations thought so; Third problem solving process optimization strategies and so on. Finally, the selected experimental classes and contrast quiz the students to verify the reasonableness of training and improve problem-solving ability strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:problem-solving ability, problem-solving thinking, problem-solving strategies, problem-solving process
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