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A Study Of Strategy On The Teaching Of Ideological And Political Theory In Higher Vocational College

Posted on:2016-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X DiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330482959733Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The aim of higher vocational education is to cultivate qualified personnel with not only practical skills, but also with strong culture theories and high quality of political ideas. Because of the complication and diversity of higher vocational students’ideas, the teaching of ideological and political theory is facing crucial challenge. The teaching of ideological and political theory undertakes the responsibilities of helping vocational students form correct world outlook, views on life and value. But nowadays, the overall teaching result of ideological and political theory is far from satisfying, which make it fall into an awkward situation. Just under such a background, this thesis first investigate the current status of ideological and political theory teaching of vocational college, and analyze it. In the end, the thesis puts forward targeted suggestions on teaching of ideological and political theory.The thesis includes five parts. In the first part, we explain the background and significance of this research, research aim, summary of the status, approaches and innovation. The second part is the investigation on current status of ideological and political theory teaching. In this part, we analyze the samples we’ve done about this course, and attribute to the existing issues based on the questionnaires and interview. In the third part, we analyze the problems that we have faced on the teaching of ideological and political theory from the following aspects:education objects, course content, teaching view, the method of teaching, teachers and educational environment. In the fourth part,we put forward the strategies on the teaching of ideological and political theory:1、form the idea on the basis of students.2、stabilize teacher teams and improve them.3、choose the teaching content according to the students.4、strengthen the practical teaching. 5、innovate teaching method and boost teaching reform.6、expand the use of network.7、strengthen career guidance. In the fifth part, we summarize the conclusion drawn from the research and insufficiency in the research, and give the suggestions on the teaching ideological and political theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational college, ideological and political theory course, current situations of teaching, strategy for teaching reform
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