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Investigation Of The Beijing Vocational College Of Agriculture In Five Year Higher Vocational Curriculum Construction Situation

Posted on:2017-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330485991065Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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On May 2nd 2014, the State Council issued the announcement titled "Decision on accelerating the development of modern vocational education", and on June 16 th 2014,“The notification of Chinese Education Ministry and other six departments issued the announcement titled ‘Modern vocational education system construction plan(2014-2020years)’” were issued too. The State Council held a National Vocational Education Conference on June 24 th 2014. General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Prime Minister Li Keqiang made comments on this conference. The Vice Prime Minister, Liu Yandong attended the meeting and made an important speech. Accelerating the development of modern vocational education is a major strategic decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. These documents are all required to strengthen the establishment of course system, on this situation, sports become more and more important in the whole course system. In the recent years, Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture accomplished a lot of reforms on course construction especially for 5-year vocational school. Although there are some shortcomings such as, not enough time for one-hour physical exercise, and single organizational forms, which is unable to meet the demand of majority students.Therefore, in order to provide reference for improving physical health of young students,we need to investigate the present status of sports reform deal with five-year vocational studies, and collect related experience. According to the requirements of “Physical Education Curriculum Guiding Outline for Common Institutes of Higher Learning in China”, the physical education should connect with sport activities extracurricular or out of school, and colleges should also connect with society. Meanwhile, the physical courses should include extracurricular sport activities, society communication activities out of school, and sport clubs with exact objective, plan and organization, which can combine extracurricular, in-class, out of school, and inside school together to form a course structure with organic connection.This article uses the literature material comparison method, questionnaire survey method, logic analysis method and other research methods to study the present status of sports curriculum reform in Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture. Research conclusions are as follows:1. Extracurricular sports activities are not well organized in Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture. The students mostly think extracurricular activities are very important,however, besides the sport classes every week, only a few students participate in extracurricular sports activities every day, the content of sport courses are single, and theelective courses are not constructed yet, which cannot be satisfied by the standard of one-hour sports every day.2. The performance evaluation system of physical education curriculum is an indispensable part of physical education course teaching and management, also an important part of the construction and development of physical education. Moreover, The achievement of physical education mostly relies on the performance evaluation system. On the other hand, the evaluation system of the physical education in Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture is single form and tedious.3. Physical education teacher team construction is relatively backward, teaching attitude and teaching methods need to be improved. Vocational colleges sports curriculum have higher requirements for teacher’s education idea and behavior, knowledge structure,special quality. Physical education teachers should update their education ideas; establish the views for teach, students and education degree.4. The new physical education system discussed in this article wants to begin with the big physical education curriculum, uses approach methods of college sport as main line,connect sport course, morning exercises, class-break setting-up exercises, extracurricular physical exercise, and athletic meeting together. Making every part supply each other,connect each other, and fuse together, construct a scientific reasonable school physical education curriculum system.
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