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The Analysis Of Present Situation、Problems And Countermeasures Of The Five-Year Higher Vocational Physical Education Of The Department Of Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Beijing Vocational College Agriculture

Posted on:2014-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330398954018Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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Higher vocational education, part of higher education, is a special type of higher education, which is charged with the responsibility of training theapplied talents of the first line of advanced skillsfor society.The five-year higher vocationaleducation is a unique school system in vocational andtechnicaleducation. The five-year higher vocationaleducationenrollsjunior high school graduates, trainingseniorspecialistlevelapplied talentsfor theproduction line.Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture isone of one hundred nationaldemonstration vocational colleges, its subordinate, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, enrollsfive-year higher vocationaleducation students, trainingseniorspecialistlevelapplied talentsfor theproduction line in Beijing, cultivatingproduction, service, managementtalentmainly includesNC, vehicle use andmaintenance, accounting, computerand other professional. With thegradualdeepeningoftheconceptofquality education and lifelong physicalandpracticing ofoccupationalphysicalconcepts,The present study analyzed the present situation、problems and countermeasures of the Five-Year Higher Vocational physical education of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Beijing vocational college agriculture, which providedimportant theoreticalsupportforpersonnel training objectives and furtherpromoted sportsteachingreform.The status quo ofteachers, studentslearnthe status quo, sports teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching organizational formofteaching methods, teaching evaluation methods, teaching environment, teachingmanagementcomprehensively andsystematicstudiedand analyzed using literature, questionnaire survey, interview survey methods.Through investigation and analysis, the present study concluded asthefollowing:(1) It is difficult to guarantee the normal development of thePE teaching in the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Beijing vocational college agriculture, because the less Physical Education Teachingfundsand a limited number of outdated equipment and facilities.(2)The numberofpart-time teacherswassignificantlyhigherthanthatoffull-timeteachers.The structure of education, job title for full-time teachersisirrational.Changingtheproportionoffull-time teachers and part-time teachers and increasing the teachers’ refresher training are necessary for comprehensively improve theteaching abilityofteachers.(3) The formofsportsc oursesorganization isstiff,only conducting basic natural class teaching physical education is available and no open option classes, occupational practicality physical education courses; it is difficult to stimulate students’interest in learning for the reason of old sports teachingcontent.The backwardsports teaching methodscouldnoteffectivelydevelop students’awareness of innovation, sense of cooperation.PE teaching in generaldid not fullytake into consideration studentsfuture careerasaprofessionalperson, physical education islack oftargetedandoccupational characteristics.(4)Teaching managementislimitedtotheformalism.The lackofincentivesin teachingmanagement leads toexcessivepursuitof"punish" effects. The teaching managementdid notplay an activeroleinthe improvement and enhancementofthequalityofthephysical education teaching.Job classification emphasizestheresearch capacityofteachers leading to teachers distracted toteaching.Measures to Improve the quality of the sports teaching was offered targeting the problem of Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as following:Change their thinking, new ideas,Clear objectives of five-year vocational education; Improve sports teaching content system, highlight sportsteachingoccupational characteristics byemphasizingmarket-oriented; Improve sports curriculum, optimizing physical education methods to improve the effect of physical education teaching; Construction of scientific, comprehensivesystemofphysical education teachingevaluation system;Optimize thesportsteaching environment, andpromotetheconstructionofcampus sports culture; Strengthening the teaching staff.
Keywords/Search Tags:five-year vocational education, the sports teaching, status quo, Measures to Improve
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