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The Research On "Fluctution" Phenomenon Of Different Times Bureau Competitve Performance Staged In Man’s Badmintion Match

Posted on:2017-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y R MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330488494602Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The aimed of the research is the athletes can understanding better and faster of information law playing field athletic performance, and making a rational training scientific competitions scientific competitions, this thesis uses literature, video analysis, data analysis and other research methods to collect a large number of international badminton tournament from finals 1/8 finals to finals of the video game-related statistical data, after a time, analyzed the performance of competitive and export factors basing on time space and structural characteristics of the race providing a reference for further develop for athletes training and competition following conclusions:Firstly, manipulated the raw date to divide the fluctuation stage by law and by differences in the diagnostic information contained in the slide segmentation period comparative sequence method,Second, "fluctuation" phenomenon of time characteristics of the men’s singles badminton competition athletic performance:Basic match less prone to "fluctuation", once there, longer duration; Bureau match point B, which is the first game losers win the second innings of the game most prone to "fluctuations"; tiebreaker "fluctuation" little ups and downs, but the various stages of conversion faster.Thirdly, the spatial characteristics of the men’s singles badminton competition athletic performance "fluctuation" phenomenon:Athletes easily start to "tide" into the "tide" and "rising tide" into the "ebb tide" of two forms, ending to "tide "into the" tide "and" low tide "into the" rising tide "of two forms. As For athletes, you’d better to educe your own mistakes and increase the aggressive tactics, if you want to enter the "tide" stage.Fourthly, the structural features of men’s singles badminton competition athletic performance "fluctuation" phenomenon:you should added times, extension of time and enhance the strength in rising the same time avoided to reduce the time and intensity.Fifth, the Factors affect the competitive performance "fluctuation" mainly come from internal and external factors, internal factors are:technical and tactical ability, physical and psychological factors; external factor is the coache’ command.
Keywords/Search Tags:different time, athletic performance, fluctuation phenomenon
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